MagGuts +2 Conversion for Sig P365 X/XL 12 Round Magazine

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This conversion reliably turns your Sig P365 X or XL 12 round magazine into a 14 round magazine with almost no length increase.  The spring, follower, and base are replaced with MagGuts™ components while the magazine housing is reused.  We pushed innovation through our “out of the box” approach to R&D and came up with a novel system that turns an already impressive capacity dense firearm into a weapon with a density of firepower that almost seems impossible.  With this conversion you will get:

  • Reliable feed and slide lock
  • +2 capacity increase with almost no sacrifice in length and no impact on concealment
  • Easy to load
  • Very slight pinky extension for perfect grip
  • OEM – like fit and feel
  • Highest quality spring and component materials used.
  • Cutting edge magazine technology [patent(s) pending]

Compatible with X and XL models and grip modules only.
This item is not available for shipment to California.

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1590 reviews for MagGuts +2 Conversion for Sig P365 X/XL 12 Round Magazine

  1. David H. (verified owner)

    Works perfectly. What else is there to say? Good product.

  2. Ross C. (verified owner)

    Love it. Item installed easy took it to the range, shot great and locked pack. Plus I like the little bit of pinky extension. Looking forward to the plus 2 for the 15 rounder.

  3. William M. (verified owner)

    Have ordered and used the mags and was so pleased that I bought several more. Great product and service. Highly recommend!

  4. Rolando Rios (verified owner)

  5. Kevin M. (verified owner)

    What a great product, and very very easy install in my 365x. I’m going to be ordering more for my wife’s 365.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it on the range, yet, but in dry firing checkouts it’s done pretty good!

  7. Corey Wortinger (verified owner)

    Better than factory

  8. Michael M. (verified owner)

  9. Hunter A. (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Take your time installing correctly and all goes well!

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quality stuff as always from MagGuts!!

  11. mark smith (verified owner)

    Very satisfied. Please notify me when the Spring kit for the P365X15 round magazine comes out. Thanks in advance MS

  12. David Lowrance (verified owner)

    I love the +2 capacity, and the base plate is very good, I would use the base plate for the tiny bit of extra pinky support it gives me even without the +2 benefit. Now I need a +2 or +3 for my 15 round magazine that is now useless since I have 14 rounds in a much smaller magazine. Start working on it! Thanks.

  13. Jd (verified owner)

    Outstanding product!! Works flawlessly so far.

  14. Robert F. (verified owner)

    Awesome product that works flawlessly. Highly recommend!

  15. Steven (verified owner)

    I have used MagGuts products in my P365 with great success. Added capacity, easier to load, reliable. No brainer to pick up these for my P365 XL when they became available. Great product. Great American manufacturer.

  16. Brandon D. (verified owner)


  17. Kevin (verified owner)

    Excellent quality.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to install, easier to load & 14 + 1 capacity w/ the 12rnd factory mags. The extra mm or so of lip on the mag base is also just right for a pinky rest. Home run upgrade for your EDC.

  19. Barry D. (verified owner)

    I bought one to give it a try and after a couple of mags of shooting with it I immediately ordered another one. Once installed it is no longer than the OEM 12 round mag but gives you 14 rounds. Worth it.

  20. Antonio Glaze (verified owner)

    I messed up during my install but the product is great and the customer service is even better!

  21. Steven K. (verified owner)

    Awesome product, drops right in to Sig magazine!

  22. Scott D. (verified owner)

    great service and great products

  23. Jake G. (verified owner)

    +2 capacity in a tiny package! Engineering masterpiece! only complaint was installing the spring was a bit of a pain.

  24. Roland (verified owner)

    This company has they’re act together. Quality product that works!

  25. Dustin (verified owner)


  26. Marc Haughaboo (verified owner)

    Now my BUG has the capacity of an EDC…

  27. Brian (verified owner)

    Great Product.
    Easy to install. The slightly thicker base plate makes the grip very comfortable.

  28. James W. (verified owner)

    I purchased 5 of the spring,follower and floor plate kits. Installation was straight forward,floor plate should be installed a few times before installing spring (this helps to remove any little bits of floorplate material that should not be there. Now while holding the spring , slide the floorplate on till the little brass button pops into place.
    The price is a bit high but hopefully that will change.

  29. Kertis P. (verified owner)

    Greatest thing since sliced bread! I’ve been using/installing MagGuts products since I first modified a pair of S&W Shield magazines with the MagGuts +1 kits. When I started using a Sig P365, I thought the Sig magazines could use a MagGuts upgrade. This kit for the 12 round magazine, turning it into a 14 round magazine is perfect! These actually allow me to carry my Sig with 15 rounds on board (14 + 1 in chamber = 15 rounds). If you own a Sig P365 or 365XL, you owe it to yourself to install the MagGuts upgrade.

  30. joseph j. (verified owner)

    Great product. Only had a few rounds through it. I’d prefer to have many more before I can sign off on reliability. Brilliant product.

  31. Ivonelly (verified owner)

    So far so good. Everything fit perfectly and very easy to install. I haven’t tested it yet but looks very promising.

  32. Dean Everette (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 kits and they were easy to install. I took them to the range and ran about 100 rounds of ammo through each. I used 100 rounds of 115gr steel cased, 50 rounds of 115gr brass and 50 rounds of 124gr brass. I had one failure to feed half way through the first magazine (with the 124gr brass ammo). After that I had no more issues. The Magguts kits make it easier to load and seat the magazine with the slide closed. The tiny bit of pinky extension helps with my grip. My one complaint is that the magazine rattles after loading the 14th round (no rattle with the first 13). That could bring too much attention to a CCW. I’m going to put another 100 rounds through each mag before I trust them with my life. So far they seem like a good product.

  33. Alison Rhyne (verified owner)

    I used the + 2 today at the range. Functioned perfectly. Now I am going to be two 10 round +2 and an additional 12 round. I am very pleased.

  34. David (verified owner)

    Ran perfect 130 rounds including 30 JHP. Easy to install.

  35. Eric (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the increases capacity. It did extend the grip profile very little not an issue just wanted to be transparent. I want to buy more if them, but the cost is a bit much for me. However, the technology is amazing to be able to easily fit 2 more rounds with out failure after est. 200 rounds and more to come.

  36. Carl (verified owner)

  37. Esteban Flores (verified owner)

    Put about 200 rounds so far and no issue.

  38. Thomas Gardner (verified owner)

    I have been using Magguts kits for several years. Two Smith Shields, a Sig P238, these two and my most recent, the 12 rounders for my Sig P365. I have had nothing but success with these kits and rely on them 100%. Several hundred rounds through each pistol with zero malfunctions. I am still amazed that you can get 2 extra rounds with very little grip length. When I pick up more mags for my Sig P365’s we will do this again.

  39. Spencer D. (verified owner)

    Works as advertised. Solid construction, feeds reliably.

  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Magguts spring and follower is higher quality than the OEM. A lot easier to load specially at the last 2 rounds. Very happy with purchase.

  41. Sean L. (verified owner)

    Did not work. Installed and reinstalled several times and all that ended up happening was a stuck spring in the magazine body and having to pour the rounds out. I finally gave up after the tenth try and removed the kit and reinstalled the original spring follower and baseplate and resigned the Magguts kit to the junk drawer where it belongs. I would not recommend trusting your life to this spring kit. Also I doubt anyone ever gets to read this review.

    • admincorso (store manager)

      The conversions definitely work. And of course we did not sensor your review! I’m not sure what happened during assembly, but we will contact you via support and help you get this resolved.

  42. Roy S. (verified owner)

    Does not have a grip sleeve or allow you to use the SIG sleeve

    • admincorso (store manager)

      There is no grip sleeve used on the 12 round XL or X magazine. Maybe you ordered the wrong item. Do you have the standard P365 (not X or XL)? If so you ordered the wrong item. If you contact we can help get this resolved.

  43. Joe (verified owner)

    Easy to convert your stock mags. Works great no feeding issues. Now 14rds from a Sig P365xl that’s legit!

  44. William M. (verified owner)

    Easy installation, discreet extra capacity with no downside.

  45. Abran V. (verified owner)

    I recently install a MagGuts spring on my 365xl and it fit beautifully. The only reason I gave four stars instead of five stars, is because I haven’t had a chance to run it at the range. If all goes well at the range, I’ll be grabbing a couple more for my other mags. Also, as a bonus, you can load all 14 rounds easily into the 365xl mag. Sig 365xl stock mags make that 12th round real difficult to get in there. It’s almost hard to believe that it’s the same mag.

  46. William M. (verified owner)

    It works as described, what more can you ask of a product. I actually put 100 rounds through the magazine down range without any problems today.

  47. Jonathan K. (verified owner)

    Does exactly what it’s supposed to! I get an easy +2 in my P365X. Only comment is I wish it was compatible with aftermarket basepads and not just the magguts one that comes with the spring/follower kit. This would have made it a godsend! Please consider future compatibility, or releasing a pinky extension for the XL models akin to other brands!

  48. Jeffrey Mosley (verified owner)

    This works as advertised , took only a few minutes and just like that went from 12 to 14 rnd mag . Will order again , highly recommend.

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

  50. Scott M. (verified owner)

  51. William W. (verified owner)


  52. Joe (verified owner)

    Amazing product

  53. Norman (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome one bullet show my full size Glock

  54. Jeremy (verified owner)

    First 200 round through it, various weights, flawless

  55. Andrew C. (verified owner)

    Magguts is the real deal. The parts are very well made and are stylish without being flashy. Will definitely buy again.

  56. Eric E. Holman (verified owner)

  57. Mark (verified owner)

    As described. Haven’t used the new mag rig yet, but the installation went as described

  58. Isaac (verified owner)

    Awesome mag upgrade! Took them out to test reliability and like all mag guts I’ve used before they’re 100%. I trust these more in my EDC than the default springs and follower. Only gripe is the price but they’re well worth it!

  59. Svyatoslav Aistov (verified owner)

    Works great at the range

  60. Anonymous (verified owner)

  61. Kevin T. (verified owner)

    14+1 in a P365X is almost too good to be true!

  62. Melvin m. (verified owner)

    installs really easy and is highly recommend

  63. Shane (verified owner)

    I don’t know why this company isn’t more well known.

    I got the plus 2 for my factory 12 round 365xl mags making them 14 round mags

    The over all length is about 1/16 of an inch longer which makes the perfect size grip for me.

    I wish they sold entire magazines.

    I will buy a factory 15 round magazine when mag guts makes a plus 2 for them.

  64. Jeremy P. (verified owner)

    Easy to install into the magazine. Works great at the range.

  65. Jon Barron (verified owner)

    Why is it that myself and others experienced rattling in the mag

  66. Sean (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast! Installation was quick and it does what it advertises. 14 rounds in my 365XL fed better and loaded better than the stock spring/follower. I’ll buy more for the rest of my magazines!

  67. George (verified owner)

    The Sig365 with an XL frame and magguts +2 makes it the smallest, thinnest, lightest, 14+1 gun on the market.

  68. Joel (verified owner)

    I originally started using MagGuts with my Gen 1 Shield and never had any issues. This new kit for the P365XL works perfectly and it actually fixed a several issues I had with the factory mags. The new baseplate has a slight pinky extension which gives a full grip and the mags are easier to seat since they now protrude just a bit outside the magwell…no more pinched fingers! Also, the factory spring and follower had a tendency to “nose dive” rounds. The MagGuts spring seems to provide stronger feeding while also making it easier to load rounds than the factory one. I don’t know how they managed that, but my thumbs are thankful. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you get 2 extra rounds…total win!

  69. Alison Rhyne (verified owner)

    These made my 12 round magazine’s into 14 rounders. Functioned perfectly at the range

  70. Jack (verified owner)

    This product works just as advertised and it arrived quickly. Very ingenious design, Thanks

  71. Kelly (verified owner)

    Plus 2 with flawless operation and just the right length, not too short like the stock 12 rd, not too long like the 15. Perfect imo

  72. PETER G. (verified owner)

  73. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Easy switch with no change in concealabity. Was a little skeptical about the follower but have had no issues.

  74. Israel Rozemberg (verified owner)

    The assembly is kind of difficult, but once setup these have worked flawlessly so far.

  75. William (verified owner)

    Awesome!!! 14 rounds in damn near a flush fit!!’ I hope you can do plus 5 for the 15 round mags!

  76. Jason G. (verified owner)

    Very happy with this purchase. Both functioned perfectly in my Sig 365

  77. Ben (verified owner)

    Great quality product, innovative and effective. I would say the price is a bit steep – I think $25 would be a more competitive price.

  78. ROLANDO A. (verified owner)

    Very happy with product will buy more for my p365xL and p365.

  79. steven carrick (verified owner)

  80. Elkeith (verified owner)

    My order came really quick. It was very easy to install and took only 5 minutes.

  81. Darryl Hale (verified owner)

    With the XL grip and this in a 12 round mag I now have a 14+1 P365. The XL grip is great much better grip and the mag fits flush and operates as it should with 14 rounds. Great system guys.

  82. Chris H. (verified owner)

    The base plate wants to slide out at time. I needed to take it off and reinstall at the range.

  83. Carlos Q. (verified owner)

    Extremely Reliable and Innovative!!!

  84. Tim Heath (verified owner)

  85. Myleena O. (verified owner)

    A fantastic product that I’ll definitely be buying more of.

  86. Anonymous (verified owner)

  87. Omar D. (verified owner)

  88. Michael H. (verified owner)

    Wow these mag kits are awesome! Who would have thought you could fit 14 rounds into a mag as small as the p365 from sig, well thanks to magguts you now can and there is no size increase.. simply awesome!
    Thank you Magguts!!

  89. Chris Lamantia (verified owner)

    The ammo rattles when you load the 14th round in the mag but not when you only load 13. Cant stand the rattle

  90. Craig H. (verified owner)

    I don’t usually bother writing reviews… But this +2 kit for the P365XL is just excellent. It is placed squarely at the center of the four way intersection of function, form, ingenuity and durability.

    I’d use this kit for the base plate alone – the pinky shelf along with the rounded heal and side contour make the grip more comfortable in the hand and for carry.

    The mags are now easier to load, especially the last few rounds which were really tough on the factory set up.

    The only downside may be that installation is a bit tricky. One reviewer recommended prefitting the base plate without the spring first and that made it quite a bit easier for sure.

    Some complained about the price – I couldn’t disagree more. I found the kits to be thoughtfully designed and well made. Happy to support American manufacturing business. I bought eight kits to upgrade the entire family fleet.

    Looking forward to the +2 (or +3?) Kit for the 15 round factory mags that now seem pretty clunky next to the MagGuts upgraded 14ers.

  91. William Lockett (verified owner)

  92. Kiwink Turner (verified owner)

    Amazing product!! Fired 250 round out of my purchased system with no performance degradation! Everything stayed tight with no rattle while carrying!! When you gonna have some for The CZ P 10 line or maybe even the 2011 line??

  93. Tho Nguyen (verified owner)

    Easy to install and fast delivery! I love it now I have 14+1 Thank you!!

  94. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great addition to my Sig P365 XL, new spring can be challenging to install.

  95. Samuel M. (verified owner)

    My initial kit had a defective spring. I contacted MagGuts and they immediately sent me a replacement spring. I installed the kit with the replacement spring and my 12 round magazine now accommodates 14 rounds.

    Excellent customer service, I plan to purchase several other kits from them. I highly recommend this company and it’s products.

  96. James Forehand (verified owner)

    They work as advertised, very happy with the extra 2 rounds

  97. Mike Byerly (verified owner)

    Incredible addition!

  98. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works exactly as advertised…. even better, the last round loads more easily.

  99. Phillip Stanfill (verified owner)

    Worth every penny

  100. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I bought several of these for my P365X. They worked great. As per what others have suggested, install the base first, without the spring/follower so that any small imperfections from the manufacturing process are removed. It makes installing the base with the spring/follower much easier. Then just remove the base, install the spring/follower, then slide the base back on. Watch out for the edges of the spring. They are rather sharp. Be sure to fully load the magazine and then manually remove the cartridges before trying it in your pistol. The spring/follower needs to be fully “cycled” once so it functions properly. The only suggestion I can think of on how to improve upon this product would be for the spring to be deburred (tumble deburred??) before it was formed and plated. Off of that minor detail, it’s perfect!

  101. David W. (verified owner)

    Great product!

  102. Vlad M. (verified owner)

    Easy to install, works better than original, easier to load.

  103. Larry (verified owner)

  104. Keith (verified owner)

    It not only increases capacity, it greatly reduced the effort needed to fully load the mag. After several mag dumps it operates flawlessly also. My P365X was failing to go completely into battery about twice per mag with the factory mags and this cured that. You guys could teach Sig a thing or two.

  105. Wilson (verified owner)

    So far so good ran about 200 rounds through it, dropping the mag on concrete several times. Loading/unloading is easily performed with your hand…good tension

  106. Robert (verified owner)

    Ordered two + 2 kits for my P365XL. Have a couple hundred rounds thru both mags and have had no issues with either mag. Slide locks open when empty and no failures to feed. Kit was easy to install and it’s nice having 29 rounds at my disposal in such a small package.

  107. Kevin P Tittle (verified owner)

    I am appreciative of the design and the ability to have extra capacity. However, the magazines (which are SIG, OEM, and USA made) were fully loaded or unloaded, there is a pronounced rattle when moving. (I believe it is the main spring slapping around in the body.) When the magazines are in my kydex mag carrier the sound is magnified and reminiscent of dominoes in a tin can. This is not good, considering they are my EDC mags. I like the concept of extra capacity but I believe some review and tweaking of the design need to occur. Idk if anyone else has experienced this issue… but I have contacted customer service, and at this point, their response has been ‘Thank you for the feedback, We’ll look into it.’ I truly hope they will and resolve it. I WANT to believe in this product!

  108. Seth (verified owner)

    Might’ve just been an isolated issue, but the plastic baseplate was too narrow to fit over bottom P365XL 12rd mag. Took me roughly 25-30 attempts to work a groove into plastic enough to slide baseplate into proper placement on mag (significant force was needed to get plate into position). During these 25 attempts the Magguts spring became misaligned & would “fold into itself” inside me mag, causing bullets to pour out of mag. I removed baseplate, reinstalled the spring another 5 times to get spring back into alignment, but same issue persisted every attempt. I emailed their support & they quickly responded, stating that “If it is turned during installation you will have the problem you describe.  Once the spring bends out of shape it will be very difficult to get it right.” Either way, I sent the item back & they are taking care of return. The support team were courteous Folks & I’m bummed this product didn’t work for me.


  109. Fred (verified owner)

    They were little harder to put together than shown in the video.

  110. Justin J. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. I bought three sets and they are completely identical working flawlessly and there is absolutely no rattle like other magazines can do with aftermarket extensions. Very happy with the added capacity. Definitely recommend.

  111. James Piccone (verified owner)

    Preforms flawlessly and locks in better. The stock 15 round mags are not worth it if you get have 12 round mag +2 Magguts. Literally one round less and almost exactly the same size as stock 12 mag’s. Also now with Magguts it doesn’t feel like the magazine is going to burst at the seams when fully loaded. In my opinion it would be even better if they made the base plate as small as stock.

  112. Marquette Moseley (verified owner)

    I love the product

  113. NEAL WOOD (verified owner)

    Works great on my twelve round 365XL mags. Added bonus, the 14th round is easier to hand load than the 12 round in the stock magazine.

  114. Jason (verified owner)

    Bought 3 for my P365XL. So far they have worked without issue. I’ve run each magazine 5 times, the last two times with a loaded chamber and full magazine. Hoping they’ll continue to work great after the springs have been compressed for extended periods of time.

  115. John W. (verified owner)

  116. Jordan (verified owner)

    This fits beautifully in the 12rd mag and gives you the 14rd capacity without that much added length. I have yet to see if it feeds properly and the longevity of the spring but overall I’m happy with it. If only the mag wasn’t 45 dollars and this kit another 35 dollars making one mag worth 80 dollars I would buy for all my mags.

  117. chris (verified owner)

    Quite a bit more difficult to install than the other p365 variants, but still an amazing product. 14 plus one in a micro compact?! My Glock 19 is now a paper weight. 100% function rating on all 4 of my mag guys P365 mags. Can’t recommend them enough.

  118. Nigel Brown (verified owner)

    I ordered two spring kits for my Sig P365.
    Shipping was really fast and the magazines work perfectly.
    It’s nice to have two extra rounds for my EDC.

  119. Stephen A. (verified owner)

    Haven’t had the opportunity to go to the shooting range yet. But I’m impressed how it works with 2 extra rounds.

  120. Bob (verified owner)

    Excellent +2 mag upgrade. Purchased 2 mags and ran 90 rnds thru them,flawless. Purchased a 3rd mag which remains to be tested.

  121. Britt (verified owner)

    My P365XL now holds 15 rounds without sacrificing concealibility if I were to use the standard Sig 15 rounds magazine. I bought 2. I still need to try them out at the range, but this is a definite game changer.

  122. Roderick Richardson (verified owner)

    Great product haven’t had any problems.

  123. Ken B. (verified owner)

    I have not installed nor used these products but I rated you a “5” because of the ease in ordering and your quick turn around to get them to me in a timely manner. I appreciate that.

  124. Frankie Boan (verified owner)

  125. Lee V. (verified owner)

    Really like it no problem installing it

  126. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Couple hundred rounds ran without failure through p365x.

  127. Charles K. (verified owner)

  128. Jason Brown (verified owner)

    Great Idea. More rounds of freedom. In the factory mags. I have another one coming for my second magazine for my P365XL

  129. Bradlee B. (verified owner)

    Great addition to my carry setup. My only complaint is that it has that darned bullet rattle. I’ve tried everything to get it to go away with no avail.

  130. Derek M. (verified owner)

    Great product. Fit and finish is very nice. Works as it should. Ran 200 Rds at the range without any malfunctions. Highly recommended.

  131. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Work great once I got past the “how-to” video…. the current version of the P365 has a different takedown for the slide than the video (version 1?)

  132. Craig (verified owner)

  133. Charles Mancuso (verified owner)

    Ran about 200 rounds through my magguts magazine and it was perfect. Not one single jam. Love it!

  134. Mark (verified owner)

    Bought 4 all function flawlessly!

  135. Roderick Richardson (verified owner)

    Great item haven’t had any problems yet.

  136. Thomas (verified owner)

    I used the glock 43 kit and it worked, this one just didn’t work. very disappointing.

  137. Joseph Iglesias (verified owner)

    Have not had an opportunity to run it yet, but I am impressed when manually cycling the slide. Can’t wait to test ar the range.

  138. Ricky Taylor (verified owner)

    Great product , works as advertised and easy to install . Only complaint is they are a little pricey . I hope someday they will make one for the fifteen round 365xlmag.

  139. Anonymous (verified owner)

  140. Richard (verified owner)

    Awesome product!!!! Super fast shipping!!!! Great Company

  141. Anonymous (verified owner)

    +2 in a 12 round mag is pretty huge, especially for a carry gun. For $37 I feel like the follower side spring should have been riveted or something other than “plastic peg through a hole then melted over”…. it reminds me of a Chinese kids toy but maybe they found this was the best way after testing and such. Haven’t actually field tested the mags for proper function but it feeds by hand and locks open so I guess it will work.

  142. James R. (verified owner)

    The metal spring part is tight (and sharp too!) and tough to hold down while you get the bottom plate slide in! Hopefully the next one will go easier!

  143. Calvin Carter (verified owner)

    The follower appears to be inferior to that of the manufacturer’s. To the point that it seems like it tries to bind in the mag. When manually racking unspent Hornady
    Critical duty from my p365 xl, round 13 and 14 hang up most of the time. Naturally after it occurred the first time you try, you repeat many times to see if it continues. It does. There is end to end movement of the mag in the well when empty also. I’m then met with the attitude that there must be some other problem. After reassembling the original mag components, it operates flawlessly. And then have the audacity to put return freight on the buyer! I really wanted this to work. Who wouldn’t want two extra rounds?

  144. Jacob (verified owner)

    My Sig 365 XL is my first firearm and the Magguts magazine my first firearm modification. The Conversion was super simple and maybe took 5 minutes to complete. I’m looking forward to taking it to the range in the near future!

  145. GARY STEWART (verified owner)

    Installation of your product was easy and holds 14 rounds as advertised. Haven’t had a chance to take it to the range and test it out yet. That is coming soon.

  146. ANDREW (verified owner)

    Purchasing MagGuts for the p356x is like having a baby. I found it painful to get the thing into the magazine. I cut myself, obtained a bandaid and kept going. The only thing that was different from having a baby is there was no doctor yelling “PUSH! PUSH!” But in the end, I succeeded. I loaded the 14 rounds easily and it functioned perfectly at the range. So I bought 2 more. I was able to get numbers 2 and 3 in more quickly (and without bleeding) and now I have 3 robust mags for a total of 42 rounds on my person. And I won’t even have to buy diapers. Happy camper.

  147. Danny Guzman (verified owner)

    Great product. Only complaint is the weird rattle you get with a fully loaded mag.

  148. Gerardo A. (verified owner)

    Crazy fast shipping, easy installation, high quality base plate, +A product!

  149. Dean D. (verified owner)

    Great product!!!

  150. Wilson H. (verified owner)

  151. Danny Guzman (verified owner)

    Great product!!! Having 14 rounds in such a small mag is a game changer, but what’s with the rattle you get when the mag is fully loaded?

  152. Jack Y. (verified owner)


  153. Thomas W. (verified owner)

    Very quick install and works great

  154. Jason T. (verified owner)

    An absolutely awesome product! Will be ordering a couple more in the near future!

  155. Chris (verified owner)

    The MagGuts were easy to install, like the slight length added to base pad. Only ran a few mags and they fed great. Will run a couple hundred rounds through each prior to carrying, so far they are awesome. Allows carrying a P365X or XL with 14 rounds vs a 15 round M&P compact or Glock 19 size pistol.

  156. anthony moses (verified owner)

    Love it

  157. Michael Dixon (verified owner)

    Easy install, works great!

  158. Victor K. (verified owner)

    Overall happy with purchase. Put 130 rounds through magazines. So far so good. Time will tell as I continue using product.

  159. Jason S. (verified owner)

    Works perfectly. 5 min swap.

  160. Ron M. (verified owner)

    Love idea. Only fired a few mags (rating) so far no problems. Service on order no problems, quick enough. Would like one for 15 to 17. Good work

  161. Michael Labus (verified owner)

    I just got two of the +2 MagGuts for my Sig 365XL. They installed fairly easily. Instructions were simple and clear. A little tricky keeping the spring compressed while sliding on the baseplate.

    I haven’t been to the range yet, but I manually operated the slide with 14 in the magazine and both mags ran perfectly from the first to last rounds.

    I’d love to see them available for my Smith and Wesson Shield Plus. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

  162. Adan G. (verified owner)

  163. Mark (verified owner)

    Great product

  164. Timothy (verified owner)

    Great customer service! I had an issue installing a spring which got pretty bent up. Emailed them and several days later got a response that they’d send out a new one! Definitely restored confidence in the purchase and company overall, so 10/10 for CS.

    So far I’ve had 1 or 2 FTF on the first 200rds with the mag. Long term use should give more definitive results. Too soon to review actual product thoroughly. Give it a try for yourself

  165. Kevin (verified owner)

    Good kit. Does what it claims but some care needs to be taken to make sure the spring goes in correctly. One of mine tweaked a little and prevented more than 8 rounds being loaded. Once I fixed this, remove and re-install, everything was fine. Only complaint is the price. I can buy a new 12 round mag for only a few dollars more. So it comes down to having two more rounds or 12 more for the price of a few seconds to reload. Granted, there are potential issues with that as well.

  166. Steven Bemben (verified owner)

    Price was reasonable but it would always be nice to be a few bucks cheaper or score a discount code. The way she go bubs.

  167. Chris P. (verified owner)

    I am so glad I found you guys! I can surely say that MagGuts is one of the best extended mag insert out there! I love how it doesnt change the geometry of the gun but adds just enough to cover my pinky and gives firm grip while shooting. Highly recommended!

  168. Stephen (verified owner)

    So far, so good. Arrived quickly and assembled without much difficulty. The slight extension of the magazine length is a bonus. Have not yet had time to take it to the range – should do so next weekend. Looks like a winner!

  169. James Piccone (verified owner)

    Repeat customer

  170. Matthew (verified owner)

    Works as advertised

  171. MICHAEL (verified owner)

    I’m currently using 6 of these in training. So far, they work fine! These guys also ship fast. Thanks!

  172. Kevin D. (verified owner)

  173. Charlie K. (verified owner)

    These are fucking awesome but kind of a pain in the ass to install.

  174. Naji (verified owner)

    So far so good. Running like a champ!

  175. Chance L. (verified owner)

    Got the plus 2 for the p365 xl. Amazing product. Took it out the the range the weekend after they came and ran 100 rounds through them on both my XL’s. Flawless performance. 14 plus one is no slouch. Can’t wait for the 15 rnd upgrades!!

  176. William (verified owner)

  177. Paul Krueger (verified owner)

    Perfect fit

  178. Stephen A. (verified owner)

    This is my second one, very nice to have two extra rounds without the long magazine extension hanging out.

  179. Chad Franco (verified owner)

    Awesome Spring Kit. Please make one for the Sig 15 Round extended mag to upgrade it to 17+1 🙂

  180. Eric S. (verified owner)

    Ran 200 plus rounds of Tula through with no issues. Wish it was about $10 cheaper hard to justify the expense for the cost of another magazine.

  181. Joshua Brown (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping, super easy install. Runs like butter. This is my first go with MagGuts, but it definitely won’t be the last. Highly recommend.

  182. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I haven’t gotten a chance to shoot it yet, but it’s a very easy install, loading the magazines to 14 with Magguts is actually easier than loading the standard 12 round in an OEM mag. Very solid construction, and look promising. Only complaint is a slight rattle when the mags are fully loaded but it doesn’t bother me and doesn’t seem to affect the mags at all.

  183. Anonymous (verified owner)

  184. Thiason W. (verified owner)

    This magazine upgrade is perfect! It’s really easy to install, and does exactly what it says it’ll do. Upgrading from 12 to 14 rounds and having the extra pinky grip from the base makes this a must have upgrade for anyone who owns a p365xl!

  185. GREGORY (verified owner)

    Easy assembly. Slight extension on base plate perfect for me. +300rd range day. Outstanding so far. Will be purchasing additional MagGuts sooner than later

  186. Jack Henderson (verified owner)

    Love your products. Thanks.

  187. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The flat spring design allows easier compression with full mag capacity of 14 without jamming fingers. Has shot reliably so far at the range through 500 rounds.

  188. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As always, stellar product. Why would I expect anything different. Now *cough cough* if we could just get one for the 15 round mag.

  189. Kertis (verified owner)

    Does exactly what MagGuts says it will do. As an added bonus it also works with my Icarius P365 grip. Once I discovered that it works with my Icarius grip, I ordered an additional set of 3 for a total of 5 magazines fitted with the MagGuts +2 upgrade.

  190. Keith D. (verified owner)

    Works perfect and easy to install. Love your products

  191. Carlos H. (verified owner)

  192. Ronald Ford (verified owner)

    If you haven’t gotten these yet what the hell are you waiting for!?!

  193. Guido Lombardi (verified owner)

    The spring is well made but the basepad feels cheap and leave a gap that I didn’t like, so I ended ordering a basepad from another company that fits better .

  194. Kenneth C. (verified owner)

    Works great.

  195. Andrew (verified owner)

    Customer service was amazing. First spring was bent and they sent a second one super quickly.

  196. Erik Stevenson (verified owner)

    I bought 2, I should have bought 4. Loads and seats easier than OEM mags.

  197. Anonymous (verified owner)

  198. Jason (verified owner)

    Awesome product, reasonable price and timely shipping… what’s not to like.

  199. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product!

  200. RAYMOND FRANCHI (verified owner)

    Product is perfect! I was also pleasantly surprised by the ultra fast shipping. I enjoyed my first purchase so much that I have bought a second maggots for my sake p365x

  201. Phillip S. (verified owner)

    I’ve had bo problems with reliably feeding and locking the slide back. But have to be careful loading the first few rounds and can’t use my mad loader for the first few because it makes the follower flip backwards and i have to take the magazine apart to fix it.

  202. James Owens (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, instructions were easy to follow and product is working fine so far.

  203. Joe T. (verified owner)

    Was very easy to install. For no added space I now can carry 14+1

  204. Jeremy Prather (verified owner)

    Excellent product! If I would’ve known about this product ahead of time, then I wouldn’t have waisted my money on buying an oversized 15 round clip that sticks way down from my grip. This 2 round extension is perfect and it has just the right amount of space to put my pinky on. I can’t recommend this product enough. And to top it all off it is a very simple install that I was able to do myself in less than 5 minutes. Buy this product with confidence, you won’t regret it. And FYI, I’v had no failure to feeds or ejects. Stay strong out there my fellow patriots and God Bless.

  205. Ashland (verified owner)

    Works perfectly. Hilarious to me that the stock 12rd mag is almost the same size.

  206. Donald Shewmake (verified owner)

    I can’t get them to work. I want to order 6 more for the rest of my magazines but not going to.

  207. Charles C. (verified owner)

    Works great! I particularly like the mag baseplate which makes the XL’s grip fit perfect for large hands.

  208. ronald b. (verified owner)

    easy to install

  209. Harold F. (verified owner)

    Love it.

  210. Josh Stewart (verified owner)

    Shipping was quick. I’ve only been to the range 1x so far, yet she ran just fine. No troubles. I’ll run it through some drills to see if she let’s me down. If not, it will be my edc. Waiting to here something negative somewhere. Still waiting. Keep up the good work. Any chance on a kit for the p365 15 round mag in the works?

  211. Ivan D. (verified owner)

    Great item and innovation with the spring components. Works better than factory stock version.

  212. RAYMOND FRANCHI (verified owner)

    Works great, very fast shipping!

  213. Herman (verified owner)

    Received the plus 2 for my 12 round magazines in a timely manner. the Install was quick and easy . I ran 150 rounds of various carry ammo and FMJ. 50 gr. Liberty civil def, Federal HST, 124 and 147gr.and 115 gr. FMJ. no problems.

  214. John M. (verified owner)

    Looks great but I couldn’t get them installed, after many attempts, I finally gave up!

  215. William J. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. No malfunctions so far.

  216. Johnny K. (verified owner)

    This kit is amazing! Such an upgrade. Ordered and received quickly. Highly recommend

  217. Simon (verified owner)

    Great price. Fast shipping and great item.
    The install was easy and it gives you 2 extra rounds without adding much length to the grip.

  218. JARED VOGLER (verified owner)

  219. Jeffrey D. (verified owner)

  220. Frederick (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, it might be user error, but I didn’t feel safe using these with my magazines or trusting them with my life in a CCW manner. I read the conversion instructions and read them as I went, and also watched the instructional video at But the issue I was having was that the magazine bases with slide forward despite the brass button locking into place. This would happen while firing and while loading. Again, perhaps user error, but I’m just not sure if this product is for me. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience.

  221. Joe B. (verified owner)

    Easy install and flawless function. Range tested and love them!!!

  222. Garrison (verified owner)

    Super innovative enhancement to an already innovative product = cutting edge. 14rds from a subcompact is absurd, in the best possible way.

    Mag Guts (Maggots?) is an excellent company, they shipped fast and communicated every step of the way. Couldn’t have asked for more; will be buying from them again

  223. Marc (verified owner)

    Shipped fast and works great! Having 14+1 in my P365X is amazing and I’ll be buying a few more MagGuts shortly!

  224. Harold Forbs (verified owner)

  225. Nicholas Avanzato (verified owner)

    Works well, easy installation!

  226. Taylor G. (verified owner)


  227. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to install, exceptional quality, very satisfied.

  228. Victor C. (verified owner)

    Great product!!!! Exactly what you would expect for your EDC pistol ….. VERY reliable and dependable for when your life and/or the lives of those you protect may be depending on you and your equipment!!!!!

  229. Aaron Morton (verified owner)

    1/4 of a inch and two more rounds makes the 365 xl almost the perfect ccw gun. Installation is easy. Ran a only 30 rounds through it so far just to function test. And no issues.

  230. Jonathan W. (verified owner)

    Little pain the butt to get the spring to compress all the way to slide the new baseplate. Other then that it is due able. The extra pinky extension makes the sig 365 xl fit the hand a whole lot better. Have yet to test the reliability of the new mag spring at the range. Will update review this coming weekend.

  231. Jo G. (verified owner)

    Fantastic! +2 capacity and its still flush fit! AMAZING

  232. Michael (verified owner)


    I bought 2 magguts for a 365X and only one worked. I triple checked to ensure proper installation in both mags. One of them functioned perfectly through 8 fully loaded mag dumps and the other one wouldn’t load more than 7 rounds. I took it apart and the spring is all messed up now. Not sure what happened considering it was installed properly. Needless to say I was pretty bummed out. I’m going to reach out to customer service and see if I can send it back for an exchange. Hopefully it was just a fluke. **Customer service was great, they switched out the springs and the 2nd one seems to work fine now. I’ll probably pick up 2 more**

  233. Joseph (verified owner)

    Absolutely kick A%$, LOVIN NEW MAG🤙👍💪💪🦬🏋‍♀️

  234. Brad McKiernan (verified owner)

    Outstanding product

  235. Marc Mintz (verified owner)

    Although not as easy to install as Sig OEM, still only takes under 5 minutes.

    With Magguts, turns my Sig P365 12-round magazines into 14-rounds, and a bit easier to load. Zero failures to feed.

    Excellent upgrade. Can’t wait for the 15-round upgrade.

  236. Tom M. (verified owner)

    I received my magazine conversion package for my Sig P365 XL in a timely fashion. I had issues installing the product which resulted in a failed conversion. I contacted customer service and they quickly responded by sending me another set of MagGuts conversion parts. The second time around was a successful install. Now all I have to do is test with some range time. Kudos to customer service for a quick and positive remedy to my issues. If all goes well at the range, I will be buying additional MagGuts for me and for Christmas gifts for family and friends.

  237. Lance (verified owner)

  238. Todd (verified owner)

    Easy install and great feel. Bottom plate barely adds space, almost like OEM

  239. CHARLES A UNDERDONK (verified owner)

    I had trouble installing the “guts” the first time. MagGuts was very helpful and quick in helping me fix the problem. I appreciate the extra two rounds in the same magazine body.

  240. Philip (verified owner)


  241. Michael Branson (verified owner)

    Easy to install and operate. Great job!

  242. Brian (verified owner)

  243. BRIAN (verified owner)

    Easiest to install on P365. Love the look and fits better in my hand and to change magazines, than the factory 12 rd.! So love this. Solid construction and love the red follower even. I just shot it today and so nice about to get more! Keep up the GREAT Work, MAGGUTS!

  244. Kendrick Elder (verified owner)

    I am extremely happy with my purchase of 3, +2 round magazine kits. Quickly delivered and seems to be well made. The price was a bit high, being that the mags themselves aren’t cheap, but I prefer them over the way longer 15 round mags for my sig p365xl. Thanks

  245. Gordon c. (verified owner)

    Pretty easy to install. Works as advertised. Haven’t taken it to the range yet. After I stress test it repeatedly at the range, I’ll probably be ordering 3 more.

  246. Charles (verified owner)

    Was a little concerned about the looseness of the follower at the top of the magazine. Didn’t know if it would lock back on last round or not. It proved me wrong took it to the range for the first time today and it worked flawlessly. I rate it a great product and worth the money.

  247. William Hansen (verified owner)

    My second purchase for a total of three p365xl mags now all my 12’s are 14’s. Great company so far to deal with as they get orders out quick. Used the mags today and they work great. A bit different to get in but once put together they seem to work great with no misfeeds or jams.

  248. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Outstanding product, Sig should make this standard.

  249. alex (verified owner)

    works great, easier loading!

  250. Kendall (verified owner)

    Works great, no issues at all. I do not like the base plate, however, and replaced it with one from But do not think that’s a knock against the product, that’s just personal choice! The product as-is is fantastic and a great choice. If you’re undecided, just do it!

  251. John L. (verified owner)

    You shipped it fast. I haven’t had the chance to try OR test and evaluate it yet!

  252. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Everyone needs this product. It just works!!! And It’s easy to install. Put almost 1000 rounds through it and not a single issue or miss feed.

  253. TODD ROBERTS (verified owner)

    Works well! Great product! Already ordered another one!👍

  254. Mark (verified owner)

    As advertised, works awesome! Rather have it, and not need it…..

  255. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Took a few tries/attempts but it finally works/did the job.

  256. TERRY MUTERSBAUGH (verified owner)

    Excellent service , And its a awesome upgrade to stock mags, highly recommended.

  257. Rory B. (verified owner)

  258. Paul S. (verified owner)

    What a great spring!!!! +2 with basically no additional size and works flawlessly so far.

  259. Newton C. (verified owner)

    Adds +2 rounds without adding to length of magaziene

  260. William S. (verified owner)

    Works just as advertised, ~200 rounds so far and 100% reliable. Even a bit easier to load than with the stock springs

  261. Philip Van Cleave (verified owner)

    My only negative with these is, for me at least, they were the hardest to install. Between the powerful spring and the base plate, it was a chore. Have installed 3 of them, I think I have figured out how to do it better. The 10 rounds and the P365 12 round mags were much easier to do. That said, all 3 types of magazines worked like magic. With hundreds of rounds though them, I’ve had zero problems and would highly recommend this product.

  262. Eric (verified owner)

    Great experience. Product is fantastic and works well.

  263. TODD ROBERTS (verified owner)

    Great product! I’ve already bought 2!👍

  264. Jim Mahoney (verified owner)

    I bought one for my 365 I was so impressed I bought a 2nd one.

  265. Aaron (verified owner)

    Great addition for any p365xl owner. 14+1 in such a small gun is unreal. I only wish they had an extension that allowed for a mag to be stripped.

  266. Curtiss Church (verified owner)

    Great customer service and fast delivery, product works great will recommend to all of our students

  267. Kyle (verified owner)

    Works great. Easier to load than the stock Sig mags. Function is like OEM. Installation was difficult for me but once in it will stay there.

  268. Tom F. (verified owner)

    Well, I got them installed. However I’m about missing my left thumb! What a PIA to get the floor plate pushed on the second guts swap!

    Haven’t shot with them yet but will get range time tomorrow or Thursday to put them through the wringer! I’m Hoping they work as well as the reviews I’ve seen!

    You guys need to make a little tool you can use during install. The thumb gets in the way of getting the baseplate started in the mag bottom.

  269. Aaron (verified owner)

  270. Ralph P. (verified owner)

    Awesome Product! Easy to install. Adds two to the magazine capacity!

  271. Cody W. (verified owner)

    Don’t know how this works as well as it does! Have not had any feed problems. I’m considering it magic!

  272. William A. (verified owner)

    Took it to the range and worked like a charm. You have to watch the follower a little bit to not get tilted, but overall very happy. Plus it’s much easier to load verses the stock spring.

  273. Anonymous (verified owner)

  274. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product, working great

  275. Steve H. (verified owner)

    So far so good. Install was a bit tricky, as spring has a mind of its own. Took the mag to the range and went through 200 rounds…no issues at all. Slide locked back on every mag. Overall very happy with the addition to my Sig P365XL Romeo Zero. Makes a great gun even better. 14 + 1…yes sir!

  276. Craig Hand (verified owner)

    Not very fond of the follower. Doesn’t seem smooth. Doesn’t work with extended base plate, so you lose your pinky perch

  277. Benjamin Snyder (verified owner)

    That spring is no joke, I launched it a couple times before successfully installing. Great product and fit/finish. Would purchase again.

  278. Ari (verified owner)

    Friggin awesome! work as advertised. ran a few hundred rounds so far, fed flawlessly and a slide-locked every time when emptied. the base pad also enhances the grip still keeping the gun sleek but adding more meat just where u need it… also, the added base pad meat makes seating the mag easier on reloads. With just 1 less round than a glock 19, this kit makes the p365xl a no-brainer replacement… can’t wait for the +kit for the p365xl 15-rounder

  279. Fernando (verified owner)

    I purchased 3 maguts for a P365XL 12 round magazine to increase to 14. 2 were very hard to install, but works great now. The third kept binding in the magazine and after an hour I quit and threw it away as it was deformed so badly. I installed the same way, but not sure why this one kept binding. I installed them on 3 new magazines from Sig so not sure why the third didn’t work. Otherwise I would have given 5 stars.

  280. Anonymous (verified owner)

  281. Anonymous (verified owner)

  282. Jerry H. (verified owner)

    Great company and service! Product arrived in timely manner and looks good quality. Very easy to well so far!

  283. Ernie (verified owner)

  284. Shane (verified owner)

    Not sure why, but it took me approximately 25 attempts and 35 minutes to install this. Getting the spring flange to set properly in the Mag Guts base proved highly tedious. Eventually I utilized a screw driver to get the job done. Installing MagGuts into my 10 round P365 mag though was a breeze. I had an equally easy experience installing my plus one and plus two guts in my Shield mags. I’ve had guts in my Shield mags for more than four years. They’re 100% reliable. Love your product.

  285. Leon P. (verified owner)


  286. Fernando S. (verified owner)

    Happy with the product and fast shipping.

  287. Peter (verified owner)

    I can’t believe I’ve never tried mag guts until now. It’s a game changer. 14rds + 1 in my p365x

  288. Robert Markland (verified owner)

  289. Glenn (verified owner)

    These are awesome. Work exactly as advertised with two additional rounds and adding pinky control. In fact, I think the spring is better than the stock OEM spring. I will likely buy more.

  290. Keith (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product. Really easy to install and runs flawlessly. The base plate is low profile while improving the grip of the firearm as well. Super fast shipping!

  291. Marc A. (verified owner)

    Email said up to 5 days processing was processed in 2 days and was delivered 2 days after that..14rd internals have worked flawless..pair with the tactical development magguts +2 pinky extension feels great in my hand

  292. Keith D. (verified owner)

    I now have 2 -14 round mags for my 365X. They always work perfectly.

  293. Steve S. (verified owner)

    I got 2 and the first one was tricky but 2nd one was easy once I figured it out

  294. Jake (verified owner)

    Fits 14 as described. Even with a fully loaded magazine it’s easier to seat than the stock spring.

  295. Doroteo (verified owner)

    Good quality components with excellent fit and finish

  296. Lance McRoberts (verified owner)

    It’s a little tricky to put together but so far loving it. 200 round and no issues.

  297. John F. (verified owner)

    Kit works as advertised. Provides +2 and a smoother reloading. Will be buying more from this company onwards.

  298. Daniel mccoy (verified owner)

    Great product and a great way to carry 15 rounds with a flush mag !

  299. Gilbert Hidalgo (verified owner)

    It works great!!

  300. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product, time will tell on longevity and endurance.

  301. Randy N. (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome, but very overpriced! I have 12 of these for various pistols and they function flawlessly. I would have purchased more but at a cost of about $35 (with tax and shipping) it is a strain on the pocketbook!

  302. John G. (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with your product. Was easy to install and loading is easier. Great product. Highly recommending them to friends.

  303. Jesus F. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. About 100rds through magazine with no issues.

  304. Wayne Friedt (verified owner)

    I think these are great!

  305. Anthony (verified owner)

    Awesome product, somewhat easy to install and works as advertised! Would buy again!

  306. MICHAEL KISO (verified owner)

  307. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product, will buy more!

  308. Joseph C. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, shipped same day. The baseplate gives a very nice subtle pinky extension that’s a perfect fit. +2 capacity is a no brainer why not have extra ammo in your carry gun. Very easy installation.

  309. Anonymous (verified owner)

  310. Chad Lichtenberger (verified owner)

    Fit great and took less than 5 minutes to swap both of my mags

  311. Larry L. (verified owner)

    Easy to install and fast shipping. Haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet.

  312. DENNIS P (verified owner)

    Just installed MaGGuts into a Sig 365X Mag and works perfectly so now mag holds 14 plus 1 and grip is improved and more comfortable. And only about 3/32″ longer, pistol grip. Superb but, a little too expensive.

  313. H.K. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the new spring sets. My hands aren’t as strong and nimble as they used to be so I placed the mag body into a vise with rubber lining and it was easy to install the new spring. 14 load easier than 12 with old spring. Snapping the old mag into the well was difficult. I also sensed the slide slowing down pulling up the first cartridge. No problem with new spring. I only ran 11 rounds due to the extra stress caused by 12. 14 now run easy but I will still only load 13 due to concern over spring stress. Still gives me 2 more than before. The bullets set at a higher angle making for easier chamber feeding and reliability. The1/8″ extra finger grip feels perfect. Even the the rear of the floor plate blends seamlessly with the rear of the grip. Better than original. I can find no negatives. These springs are an enhancement and reliability to the firearm. Originally ordered two springs and just ordered 2 more. The overall enhancement features of these springs are more important than having two more bullets. Thanks for a great product.

  314. Anonymous (verified owner)

  315. Thomas Ream (verified owner)

    Nicly packaged, excellent quality, far better than the stock Sig spring.
    Easy and intuitive installation.
    At least 3 new customes bacause of my posting a review on a Sig P365 fan page.

  316. Matt P. (verified owner)

    Work without any issues in my P365 xl. They are about 1/4″ longer than a stock mag but not real noticable. I love having the two extra rounds for the same size.

  317. William Rollins (verified owner)

    Great product!! Would highly recommend!! 2 more rounds with no noticeable added length!! It actually feels better than the stock mag!

  318. Anonymous (verified owner)

  319. Ramon R. (verified owner)

    Great product.

  320. Tom G. (verified owner)

    The magguts kit 14+1 for p365x works great. I’ll be ordering another one.

  321. Brian A. (verified owner)

    Way easier to load than the factory mags. Was a breeze to change the springs. A genius idea! Also mag is easier to load/sest when slide is forward…..Now they just need to make a kit for the factory 15rd mag. Great product!

  322. Anthony M. (verified owner)

    Little trouble getting the base plate on . But the magazines works flawlessly put about 60 rounds through so far.

  323. Eric (verified owner)

    Great product

  324. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product. It was easier to get the 14th round in the magazine after the kit was installed than loading the 12th in the stock mag.

  325. Ian (verified owner)

    Very happy, order arrived super quickly – and the product is fantastic. I would highly recommend.

  326. Anonymous (verified owner)

    100 rounds, so far so good…115gr +p+ BB.

  327. Cory (verified owner)

    Better then the og mag it’s super nice it would be awesome if they made a 15 round magazine plus 2 maggut

  328. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely Fantastic. Holy smokes was this what I needed with my big hands. I’m blown away that this little added to the bottom of the mag would make that much of a difference

  329. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent products. It increases my capacity and tried it at the range. Simply awesome. The service was excellent. Good job. Will be getting one for my 10 round Mag.

  330. Don (verified owner)

    Tended to hang up when half loaded. At first could only get 13 rounds, not 14.

  331. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality product!

  332. Joel (verified owner)

  333. Jeffrey Dickson (verified owner)

    I couldn’t get more than 7 rounds in them after assembly. I tried everything. Had to trash them

  334. David Anderson (verified owner)

    Amazing to have 2 extra rounds and still not be super bulky. Way to go on this product. A little pain to install but 100 percent worth it.

  335. Billy (verified owner)

    To think that you could fit two extra rounds in the 12 round mag with no more extension of the base plate is simply amazing to say the least.
    If you ever come up with a 15 rounder for the p365xl please let me know.


  336. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Game changer

  337. John D’Agnese (verified owner)

    It’s a little tricky to install, but it’s AMAZING after! Great product, HIGHLY recommended!

  338. brian h. (verified owner)

    This was different to install, but once installed it works great and only adds a fraction of and inch to the overall lenth of the magazine. Would buy again!

  339. Widly N. (verified owner)

  340. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product!

  341. James K. (verified owner)

    After you get it installed correctly it works fine, spring gave me issues going in correctly but eventually got it to go in right and all functioned great. Well worth the money for a few extra rounds in the same footprint.

  342. Joshua Slater (verified owner)

    Magguts work exactly as advertised,but better!Easier to load up full 14 than factory 12.Customer service was contacted due to an ordering error on my part and also get 5 stars. I Am ordering more for sure.Get a Magguts window sticker on your order before you submit it,looks great on the jeep!

  343. Winston H. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and finish right out out the box for Sig Sauer magazines. Less than 5 minutes to install both gutts!

  344. Joseph N. (verified owner)

    I have always been impressed with MagGuts products and own several. Adding two reliable rounds the the P365XL is awesome. Since installation, I have had absolutely no failures of any kind.

  345. AARON D. (verified owner)

    This is a super easy change to gain 2 extra rounds.

  346. Randy (verified owner)

  347. Andrew (verified owner)

    Awesome customer service

  348. Anthony M. (verified owner)

    Works well follower sits a little awkward but 14 rounds with basically no difference from the 12 round footprint. Absolutely love it.

  349. Kurt (verified owner)

    Great product.

  350. Josh Rizzo (verified owner)

    Super reliable! It feels like jamming 14 rounds into this tiny magazine is some kind of magic trick.

  351. John D. (verified owner)

    As far as ordering and receiving the product, I have no complaints. However, I purchased the magguts for the p365xl. I went to the range today (11/21/21) and while shooting suppressed the base plate completely failed causing the bottom of the magazine to come apart violently. I will be returning these because they do not seem to be safe for suppressed shooting.

  352. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The Magguts for the Sig P365XL is probably the best outright purchase you can make for your pistol in terms of value and performance. Having 14 freedom seeds in a 12 rd flush fit mag is truly amazing and takes the capacity of this weapon to a whole other level without compromising the concealability of the flush fit mag. Did I mention the conversion is easy and takes very little effort! My only wish is that Magguts would make a +2 conversion kit for the 15rd mags to take the capacity up to something that rivals a compact/full-size pistol. Truly a great product! You won’t regret it!

  353. Scott A. (verified owner)

    Works great

  354. Douglas McCoy (verified owner)

    It arrived within a week and works great. It actually gives the sig 365x a better feeling grip than the factory. I love it

  355. Tom Greer (verified owner)

    Excellent product and timely shipping for the magguts 12+2 mag extension kit for P365X.

  356. David P. (verified owner)

    Great product! Just ordered second one. Customer service is wonderful.

  357. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Was recommended by a co-worker and saw how it ran during the range without issues. I bought 3 of these for my p365x and installation was simple and has a clean look. The grip feel does not change and barely adds any length. Going to see how it holds up long term. Having a total of 14 rounds in this compact great!

  358. Chris B. (verified owner)

    I am happy with the product. It seems to work as advertised. However I have not been to the range. I have a feeling that there is the potential for the follower to bind up of it tilts as it’s really narrow. But Parts had to get smaller to add 2 rounds to capacity in the same size mag. I also have noticed the back
    Of the bottom plate is not matched to the grip it’s more squared off. And provides a bit of a sharp point in your side. Nothing a little sand paper can’t fix. But it would be nice if they were rounded instead of square.

  359. Jason L. (verified owner)

    Works well and fits an extra two rounds like a charm. The only annoyance is a bit of bullet rattle when walking but this happens with some wire spring mags too so what can you do? I wish the price was a little cheaper and they made them for other full-size guns like a PPQ/P99 compact (hint, hint) if those would gain some rounds since a full-size model is just easier to control but the compact is only 10 rounds. Hopefully, they’ll see where the line can be expanded. How about one for the 15 round P365 mag to bring it to 17-18 rounds too? Lastly, I love that the business is out of Wyoming which is one of the most American value-loving states left!

  360. Robert Cranston (verified owner)

    Just what I wanted. I will order again!

  361. Anonymous (verified owner)

  362. Sean Randles (verified owner)

    Great product. Shipped quick and I installed them that day with no issues!

  363. Justin C. (verified owner)

    works great can’t wait until I can get a kits for my 15 round mag

  364. William (verified owner)

    Perfect upgrade for my sig P365X. Adds a slight but improved amount of grip as well as 2 more rounds.

  365. Jason F. (verified owner)

    Seems to work as advertised. Test fired a few hundred rounds and the pistol ran without fail.

  366. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A little pricey for what it is, but overall satisfied with increased capacity.
    Will test at the range for reliability soon.

  367. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I really wanted this to work but in the end it didn’t feed correctly every time.

  368. Joseph N. (verified owner)

    Easy to install. Works great. I ran 150 rounds through two magazines with absolutely no failures and the slide stop worked every time on an empty magazine.

  369. Micheal (verified owner)

    So far, these work as advertised. They are pretty solid and work perfectly in the mags of the P365X. Having a few more rounds is always helpful in a crisis!!

  370. craig hagen (verified owner)

    With the +2 makes for 15 in the gun and with a 15 round extended mag I’ve got 30 rounds in my edc. Can’t wait for the 15+2!

  371. Matt H. (verified owner)

    I don’t leave a lot of reviews but when somebody comes up with a great product I will. These are a 100% improvement over stock springs. Somehow they managed to fit more capacity with easier loading, all while keeping reliability. Awesome stuff! Looking forward to the 365xl large cap mag springs!!

  372. Marc A. (verified owner)

    10/10!!! Service and function of the product this is the 2nd one ive ordered and ill order again once i have more magazines

  373. Devon T. (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Will buy again

  374. Joseph M. (verified owner)

  375. Luis (verified owner)

    Holds 14 now, good enuf 4 me pew pew

  376. Eric Evans (verified owner)

    These work exactly as advertised. I ordered 2 and one had a fault. I sent an email and was replied to very quickly. I am being sent a replacement free of shipping or any other charge. I am very pleased with the product and customer service. I highly recommend this setup and this company.

  377. Thomas K. (verified owner)

    Great product. Very easy to install and performs flawlessly.

  378. Anonymous (verified owner)

  379. Anonymous (verified owner)

  380. Douglas Smith (verified owner)

    Very excited to have an extra 2 rounds in my CCW. Customer service has to be praised for their assistance as I’m currently laid up with an injury and was unable to properly install the spring which they were generous enough to help me out !! Thank You

  381. BRANDON B. (verified owner)

    Great quality, fit, and function. A+

  382. Robert H. (verified owner)

    Love the Magguts for the 12 round p365xl mags. Just waiting for the 15 round version to 17. When are they coming out?

  383. Justin B. (verified owner)

    Just installed in 2 magazines. 1 works great and the other works great until the last 2 rounds where it locks the slide open. I’ve filled the problem magazine to let the spring break in a little and it’s getting better about premature slide lock.

  384. vincent vigliotti (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping. Easy to install no issues so far

  385. Michael McCullogh (verified owner)

    One spring follower broke on initial use. Emailed support, no reply after more than 2 weeks. Followed up with their web based contact form 4 days ago, still waiting.

  386. Sam (verified owner)

    I already had one of these for my p365 but I swapped the grip module to turn it into a x model and bought this kit to convert the mag to the flush fit 12 round instead of the extended grip 12 round for the regular p365. The first one I did went together smooth and had no issues but this one was a real mother to get working right. No idea why but the spring kept wanting to fold up instead of compress so I’d only get 6 rounds in the mag before it bound up. It would also catch one of the folds of the spring on the mag release cut out sometimes. I took it apart and put it back together a bunch of times and after some swearing and a little blood, it finally worked right. The other kit I had already converted easily to a flush fit mag for the longer grip module and like I said was easy to install when I first bought it so I have no idea why this one was so difficult. 4 stars for the frustration but still being a fantastic product once installed correctly. I’d still fully recommend these kits.

  387. Larry Tatterson (verified owner)

  388. Scott (verified owner)

    Follower seems to be undersized. Sticks too far out of top of mag and jams inside mag.

  389. Thaddeus O. (verified owner)

    Works as expected, and as a bonus…makes it easier to load the 365 magazines.

  390. Daniel Splendido (verified owner)

    Worked as advertised. Easier to load than the original.

  391. Terry J. (verified owner)

    Haven’t had a chance to shoot yet but seems to function fine. Did struggle with assembly, follower wouldn’t go all the way down. Reassembled 3 or 4 times until follower seated properly. Might just be operator error. Love the 2 extra rounds, will order another. Didn’t know it was made in my home state of Wyoming, all the better.

  392. Justin S. (verified owner)

    At first it did not work. I had to fool with it for awhile because it would function correctly. Worth the trouble in the end.

  393. Michael Wallace (verified owner)

    Aweful. Doesn’t fit the magazine correctly and the follower is about to pop right out of the top. Terrible product. Instead of waiting three weeks for my money back I’m going to the post office, I am just going to throw them out

    • admincorso (store manager)

      This product works great. I am sorry that you could not get it together and working as it should. If you want to pull them out of the trash we would be more than happy to help you get them working perfectly.

  394. Eric B. (verified owner)

    Reliability has been great and the small added length makes the grip perfect

  395. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It doesn’t work and is a rip off. The follower sticks. Lousy product, am sending back for a refund.

  396. Karen P. (verified owner)

    Will definitely buy from here in the future.

  397. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Installation was straightforward. Easier to load than stock 12rd mags, cheaper than purchasing 15rd mags. Worked perfectly, cycled, slide locked open, nothing to complain about, couldn’t be happier! Now I’m just waiting for a kit for the 15rd mags!

  398. Jeffrey Speer (verified owner)

    Product is great but was not shipped to the right address. Shipping address was different from the billing address. And I had to re-ship it to my son for his birthday so it was late.

  399. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent, fits and work as advertised and quick shipping. A very satisfactory transaction.

  400. Richard H. (verified owner)

    The mag guts work perfect in my 12 round magazines. Easy to change out the springs!

  401. James Blackard (verified owner)

    Followed the directions, it kept jamming up. Only could load five round, Not fourteen. Plus nobody has responded to my email.

  402. George J Albrecht (verified owner)

    As advertised, much better than OEM. Eventually all my magazines will have MagGuts! Thank you!

  403. John A. (verified owner)

  404. Aaron (verified owner)

    An absolute drop in kit that makes the factory 12 a 14 round magazine! I used the tactical development base plates because I love the feel of them: they all fit together perfectly! I would recommend this for carry magazines, no doubt in my mind.

  405. Allen A. (verified owner)

    Loads by hand easier and
    works. What else can you ask for?

  406. Carl James (verified owner)

    There is a slight rattle with the Mag Guts. The original springs have no rattle. The Sig 15 round magazine does rattle a lot more though.

  407. Travis (verified owner)

  408. Mathew W. (verified owner)

    Great product, easy to install. 14rds in such a small pistol.

  409. Matt P. (verified owner)

    Quick shipping. Love having the xtra 2 rounds in the mag. So far, seems to be a great product!

    Suggest install instructions include fitting/sliding the floor plate on & off a couple of times WITHOUT the spring in place. This ensures the plastic floor plate and metal mag floor plate track fit to one another before the spring install. Spring tension is STRONG, “aggravating” the ease of sliding the floor plate on. Just sayin’!

  410. Abraham E. (verified owner)

    Super happy 🤙🤙

  411. Keith (verified owner)

    This is junk! I was only able to get in 11 rounds in on my P365X and then the follower took a nose dive because the spring bound up. Stock 12rd mag holds more rounds than this thing. Also, shit customer service. No phone number to call on the website. YouTube reviews say the same thing. Cleary fake reviews on their site. Buyer beware!!!!

    • admincorso (store manager)

      Fake reviews? Is your review fake? All of our reviews are real, unedited, and from real customers.
      The problem you describe typically happens when there is a mistake during assembly. Please refer to an email response that we sent to you to help get it fixed. We will get this resolved, whatever it takes. These conversions work perfectly when installed correctly.
      Also, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. You sent an email inquiry about this problem on a Saturday night and we responded on Sunday (the next day). My apologies if this is not good enough.

  412. Nick (verified owner)

    These are pretty cool, +2 capacity and a nice little pinky swell at the bottom of the grip.

  413. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Does NOT work with NY compliant 10 round mag. I probably should have read closer or done more research. Other than that seems like a well made well thought out product.

  414. Raymond (verified owner)

    Purchased 2. After 350 rounds, there are no issues with this product, works reliably with Sig V Crown 115 and 124 gr JHP, Blazer Brass, Federal, Sellier & Bellot and mil surplus 115 gr FMJ. Instructions were straightforward. Installation is difficult if you have arthritis as I do, recommend having someone with more flexibility help out.

  415. Anonymous (verified owner)

  416. Steve M. (verified owner)

    What an excellent upgrade! Very good quality and design. Baseball feels better then original equipment.

  417. Corey H. (verified owner)

    Simple to install, works just like it says it will and has a nice little pinky ledge if you need it but isn’t going to print. Great product.

  418. Patrick (verified owner)

    “Santa” brought me a pair of these for my Sig. They’ve been installed. We’re done so easily and appear to be quality components. Can’t wait to get to the range.

  419. Vincent (verified owner)

  420. Frederick Grassie (verified owner)

    I had my doubts. But after three days of hard training with my Sig P365 xl, and 600 rounds, those doubts are gone.
    Yes it’s a little pricey, but it works as advertised and the 2 extra rounds are worth the price.

  421. Daniel S. (verified owner)

    As advertised. Great conversion for my sig p365x magazines.

  422. Todd (verified owner)

    Easier to load 14 than the original with 12 rds. It’s not too difficult to assemble. Haven’t test fired with it yet but so far worth it.

  423. Joe T. (verified owner)

    Love it. Increase capacity with out increasing size

  424. Randy N. (verified owner)

    Works perfectly. No jams or misfires caused by the spring.

  425. Oniel (verified owner)

    Fits like a the extra capacity and the red follower is a nice touch.

  426. Robert (verified owner)

    This is my second order. You guys sent product to the wrong address. It was not the address I filled in this time. I like the product and will be ordering more but please change mailing address to billing address on file for future orders.

  427. SANDY G. (verified owner)

    Dont like the reduced in size of the follower ,that does not cover the cut-out in the magazine like the stock magazine,issues come up when the follower is modified and I dont like that the follower is not attached to spring to help keep the follower lined up so ammo does not jam or cause malfuntions.

  428. Tim Mullins (verified owner)

    Works great

  429. Carmelo (verified owner)

    Great product, works as advertised.

  430. Bradley Rae (verified owner)

    I was very excited to learn of your product, but after trying for over an hour to install the first one purchased so that it would operate properly, I have to say that I am extremely disappointed. I even took it to my range to let some of the instructors try to get it installed correctly. The flat spring was bending easily in a way where it wasn’t working properly or you couldn’t get the end plate even installed. I typically shoot 300-400 rounds a week and I was excited for one of my EDC guns to get 2 extra rounds. I will be returning one of the two units that was untouched.
    Brad Rae

  431. Jared J. (verified owner)

    I did initially have a lot of trouble getting the new followers spring in, it seemed that there was enough front to back play that something weird was happening, eventually I figured out that one of the sections was opening up too far and allowing the spring to bend around itself inside the magazine. I eventually was able to very carefully get it too line up properly and left it fully loaded for a few days which seemed to have gotten everything back into alignment, just wanted to let you know

  432. Kenny A. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product! I purchased for the extra capacity but ordered another one because of ease of loading

  433. William (verified owner)

    Worked just as advertised and no jamming so far with 100 rounds thru the magazine. Will buy from again great product.

  434. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I consider this must-have equipment! +2 in the same sized magazine can save your life (and also your thumbs). Perfect reliability through hundreds of rounds. Good to go.

  435. Ryan J. (verified owner)

    Worked as advertised!

  436. Rory Ovens (verified owner)

  437. Michael O. (verified owner)

    Great CS, quick answers to my questions, fast shipping. This is easily the first and best upgrade you should be getting for any CCW, especially for the P365; outside of perhaps a holster. The price point makes the upgrade a no brainer. The mag extension provides just the right extra bit of grip for the pinky, the spring allows for much easier reloading and the magazines themselves seat into the mag well much easier also. And then you get an extra 2 rounds capacity. No brainer upgrade, great concept. Can’t believe for the extra ~3/16″ of length to the magazine that these are not coming from SIG directly. Thanks guys! Looking forward to the package for the 15rd mags.

  438. Steve Borton (verified owner)

  439. Cody (verified owner)

    A+. Works great. Cut my fingers a couple times, wear gloves.

  440. Jeff P. (verified owner)

    As described

  441. Alfred (verified owner)

    So far so good! 14 flush fit rounds and about 150 rounds through the mags so far with no issues!

  442. sam y. (verified owner)

  443. Douglas (verified owner)

    Wow! My three SIG P365XL CCW’s are now one less round than my full-sized primary firearm. Incredible!

  444. Matthew B (verified owner)

    Amazing product strongly recommend!

  445. MITCHELL JOHNSON (verified owner)

  446. Jordan Wellington (verified owner)

    Looks great, crazy to have 14 rounds in this small magazine, easy install, not too sure about longevity and reliability but I’m sure it’ll hold up, some people mention rattling with a full mag but I never experienced that, only complaint is the price but very happy with purchase.

  447. Charles H. (verified owner)

    I’m about to buy another set of guts.

  448. Isaac (verified owner)

    **Have not made it to the range yet** I will say installation was easier then changing out glock mags. Took me about 10 seconds once I actually looked at the diagram. 14 rounds went in easier than 12 did with the factory guts. Flush fit, no rattle. As far as shipping… made it to my door in about a week.

  449. Gary Lewis (verified owner)

    I have not received these parts as of today

    • admincorso (store manager)

      Your order was shipped shortly after it was placed. According to tracking it was delivered. If you still have an issue, please contact us at and we will help.

  450. James M. (verified owner)

    Products arrived in a timely manner. I installed per instructions but both springs kinked when used with my speed loader. Love the idea but they just didn’t work. Open to revisiting if Magguts will help??

    • admincorso (store manager)

      The converted magazines should work perfectly. Please refer to an email from support so that we can help you get this resolved.

  451. Donnie Thompson (verified owner)

    I should have ordered 2 , to brag to all my friends , this mag works great with no problems what soever.

  452. Billy P. (verified owner)

    Took a few tries to get it all together correctly in the magazine but once I did it worked flawlessly. High quality, no complaints. Thanks!

  453. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great kit. Easy to install.

  454. Thiason (verified owner)

    By far one of the best, easiest and least expensive upgrades I have ever gotten for my p365xl! I’ve bought 2 already and eventually plan to get 2 more for my other 2 magazines. I cannot recommend this hughly enough for anyone with a p365xl, get it, you’ll love it.

  455. Ardenys Olivert (verified owner)

    amazing product work perfect

  456. Mike Shaw (verified owner)

    Not only do I like the tension on the spring and the increase capacity. I like the style of the magazine base enhancing the base of the grip

  457. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works great. Installing it is a lot like work.

  458. Brian M. (verified owner)

  459. Charles Tolman (verified owner)

    great product but wish edges of strings were rounded and polished to slide easier. But really great product.

  460. Marieo (verified owner)

  461. Julian (verified owner)

    When will you have a +2 for 15 round Mag. I tried the +2,12 round spring in 15 round mag. It cycled fine , but left a big gap at the base. Can you make something to fill that gap.

  462. Carl J. (verified owner)

    Has worked flawlessly. A great upgrade.

  463. Joshua (verified owner)

  464. Jeff Chase (verified owner)

    Awesome, 2 more rounds with almost no length added. Great product!!!

  465. Blake m. (verified owner)

    The best

  466. Charlie (verified owner)

    Terrific product!! Have recommended to several of my friends

  467. Howard Mangrum (verified owner)

    I have not received my product. According to the Post Office it was sent to somewhere in Texas.

  468. Richard (verified owner)

  469. mark ksiazkiewicz (verified owner)

    excellent product

  470. Kyle E. (verified owner)

    Fan-freaking-tastic…that’s really all I can say.

  471. Anonymous (verified owner)

  472. Larry M. (verified owner)

  473. Micah (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Installs pretty easy and works flawlessly

  474. Angel Orama (verified owner)

    tremendous product I liked it a lot thank you very fast shipping thank you

  475. Phillip B. (verified owner)

    Everything went smoothly from ordering to delivery. Thank you

  476. Blaine Eller (verified owner)

  477. Darren S. (verified owner)

    Took a few tries to get installed. A little pricey. How can you beat +2 and easier to load than the factory setup. No noticeable length, no rattles and no problems yet. Good product.

  478. Steve R. (verified owner)

    Great product, service and experience.

  479. Joseph Nelson (verified owner)

    I installed as per the directions. The riser was catching on the front of mag wall on bullet #1 because the spring didnt keep pressure to the rear on the riser. The spring deformed inside the mag and promptly went in the trash.

    • admincorso (store manager)

      The spring in the magazine deforms because the spring was turned inside of the magazine tube during assembly and subsequently loaded. This cannot happen upon proper installation.
      Please refer to an email that was sent from support to get this situation resolved for you.

  480. jonathan (verified owner)

    So far 300 rounds of white box to multiple defensive rounds. 100% reliability. Worth every penny

  481. Patrick (verified owner)

  482. Craig M. (verified owner)

    The best $34 you’ll ever spend. To go from a 12 rd magazine on my Sig P365X and XL to 14 rd capacity without changing the footprint is amazing!!!

  483. Paul Q. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. I wish the instructions were more clear on how to place the follower and the sripng, however, that was a min or so and I after I figured out, it was smooth. Great updagrade to have, no doubt.

  484. Bill R. (verified owner)

    The Mag Guts kit works as it was designed to work with no issues. The cost is where the problem arises.
    One spring, base and follower for one magazine costs 8% of what the entire new Sig P365 with 2 magazines cost.

  485. Josh H. (verified owner)


  486. JAYSON (verified owner)

    Easy to install. Great upgrade! Would highly recommend! A+

  487. William G. (verified owner)

    So they aren’t cheap but they work. I have their kits in 3 of my carry guns and they are amazing. They add rounds to tiny guns reliably. Now I have a 365 with14+1. It’s not bad when you consider it’s only one mag in a gun that people rarely carry a spare it’s worth it!!!!

  488. Chris G. (verified owner)

    Took forever to install and when I finally did, the follower tilted and jammed after loading 3 rounds.

    • admincorso (store manager)

      Please refer to an email message from support that will help resolve your issue. They will work great.

  489. James Amram (verified owner)

    I just wish you had maggots kit for the 15 round magazine.

  490. William A. (verified owner)

    Nice product. Does exactly as it advertises.

  491. Dale A Turner (verified owner)

    Works like a champ

  492. Elsa S. (verified owner)

    So I received my MagGuts and installed per instructions. I don’t know if this was a defective item or what, when I loaded the magazine the rounds loosely moved around in the magazine after 4 or 5 that I inserted.

    Not to mention it looked as if the packaged had already been opened.

    A complete waist of money and I was really hoping this would work. It did not to my extreme disappointment.

    • admincorso (store manager)

      We sent an email from support that will help you get it working perfectly as it should.

  493. Robinson (verified owner)

    Works like a charm. Really easy to install.

  494. TIMOTHY CHARRON (verified owner)

    Worked just as described. Just put the parts in the magazine as pictured in he diagram and your good to go. It looks like the spring is much larger than the original lol but in a minute maybe 2 or three for the first one it’s a piece of cake. There are several videos on YouTube as well A++++

  495. Kevin McCullough (verified owner)

    Great product I love it

  496. Gary M. (verified owner)

    I am extremely happy with the 2 mag kits I purchased. I also have had the experience of talking to your customer service which I think is first class. I’m putting in another order for 2 more kits. You have a really good company. Keep up the good work.

  497. brian (verified owner)

  498. Chad G. (verified owner)

    Outstanding. I bought 3. Easy to install if you are a little handy and have the right tools. I noticed the magazines load easier and seat easily when full, slide forward. I am very happy with a 14 round capacity on a gun that disappears on me.

  499. james (verified owner)

    It was very difficult to load, following the installation, which was far more difficult than I expected. A good set of fine tools would have been helpful. The spring base kept slipping out, as I attempted to place the baseplate. Seems like a ton of money, aggravation and time for 2 more rounds. On the other hand, there is no appreciable increase in the length of the grip, maintaining the ability to conceal I desire. In that regard, the kit really delivers.

  500. Nin (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the product. + 2 rnds with barely added height. Highly recommend it.

  501. Brandon Scroggins (verified owner)

  502. Jason Rhodes (verified owner)

  503. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick shipping. Product works as advertised

  504. Jose A. (verified owner)

    Easy to install, keeps the same size as the OEM. Waiting for a version of the 15 round magazine kit to be made.

  505. Ken (verified owner)

    The product works well as described. The feeder sits higher than a stock magazine which concerned me initially as I thought I had installed the spring incorrectly. Apparently, that is just the way it is. Pictures & instructions do not mention this so keep it in mind. I haven’t fired the pistol yet to confirm performance but have loaded rounds & ejected rounds successfully.

  506. Richard Smith (verified owner)

  507. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Hard to install, perhaps include a video with some tips on the website?

  508. Marc T. (verified owner)

    Outstanding Job and Quick shipping, TY

  509. Martin (verified owner)

    Very happy. Of course this is no long term study, but after 8 mags from 14+1 (HP at top and bottom, FMJ between) all worked flawlessly. Hold open at end. Happy!!

  510. Jeff (verified owner)

    Seamless. Effortless. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t +2 rounds to existing mag. The baseplate that comes with spring looks better than factory baseplate. It’s a no brainer. Just do it.

  511. Kyal M. (verified owner)

    After 350-400 rounds, the base plate fractured the internal rails that grab the magazine body and the spring, follower, and base flew out of the mag while shooting. I am not impressed with the quality of this product right now. I like the idea but the execution is less than acceptable.

  512. Rick Miller (verified owner)

    Whats not to like? Easy installation and gain two rounds.

  513. Josh P. (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Super quick delivery and I will be definitely ordering again. Thanks guys!

  514. Robert Roy (verified owner)

    Very hard to install

  515. Samuel M. (verified owner)

    Kind of hard getting the magguts installed but once it was in it ran perfect. Went to the range and put 100 rounds through it without any problems. Crazy to have 14+1 on such a small package!

  516. Trent Hodge (verified owner)

    Great product! used at the range with no issues!

  517. Joseph Kocon (verified owner)

    As a senior, assembling the bottom base (plate) was difficult. I eventually put the mag in a vise so I could use both hands to install the base. Suggestion: If the back edge of the bottom metal plate was “formed up”, it wouldn’t slide to the rear of the mag when the base was being installed.

  518. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I absolutely love it. Adds two more rounds to my 12 giving me 14 round with almost no increase in size. Compare to the 15 round magazines that would print like hell on me. extremely happy.

  519. James T. (verified owner)

    Great product, quick shipping and smooth install as long as you take your time.

  520. Jacob (verified owner)

    Worked great, had no problems feeding and easier to load than stock sig mag.

  521. Derrick (verified owner)

    Very easy to install great job guys

  522. Anonymous (verified owner)

  523. Bill L. (verified owner)

    Great product… really like the ability to carry almost as much as a G19. Well made and fits the Wilson Combat aftermarket Sig P365x frame perfectly. I would definitely recommend this product.

  524. Mike Howard (verified owner)

    Great product and fast shipping. Stop reading reviews and buy it.

  525. John G. (verified owner)

    Great product. Works as advertised. Have shot 200 rounds without any issues.

  526. Richard Rabe (verified owner)

    Easy to install in a few minutes , Works great .

  527. Jason S. (verified owner)

    Works perfect 500 rounds and no issues

  528. Alexander (verified owner)

  529. Rick Annett (verified owner)

  530. Robert B. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and very dependable. Will definitely be needing 2 more for my P365x

  531. Anonymous (verified owner)

  532. steven alexander (verified owner)

    works as advertised–well satisfied

  533. Shawn T. (verified owner)

    It was easy to install and works great, just wish it wasn’t almost as much as a new mag.

  534. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to install. Made me love my EDC even more than I already did.

  535. Anonymous (verified owner)

  536. TERRY M. (verified owner)

    MagGuts is an awesome product, extra capacity in a flush fit factory magazine is astounding.

  537. Michael G. (verified owner)

    Easy to install, looks and feels great + 2 extra rounds… can’t go wrong…

  538. Andrew (verified owner)

    Like the +2 for standard 12 rd mag. Had some issues as my spring was bent at follower. Follower seems too small- large gap between it and mag. Price is steep. But overall I like the kit so far.

    • admincorso (store manager)

      Springs are usually bent when something goes wrong during assembly. The follower is unique (patent pending) and different from the Sig factory follower. It works great.
      Please refer to an email that we sent from support to address any of your concerns.

  539. Angelo (verified owner)

    This item is very simple to install, and it’s exactly what I was looking for, awesome product..!

  540. eric b. (verified owner)

    Installed them with instruction. Difficult. Sucked. Won’t load more than 6 rounds.

  541. Douglas Dottor (verified owner)

    Great product, super quick delivery!

  542. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. Works perfectly.

  543. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not too difficult to install. Loading has to be done correctly, otherwise it tends to fail on last round.

  544. Brandon P. (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd kit for my 2nd mag. The 1st one has been through almost 1300 rounds with not a single malfunction. Love these kits!

  545. Eric L. (verified owner)

    It took a few tries to get it assembled correctly. I still don’t know what I was doing wrong. But after I got it right, it works flawlessly. I am definitely ordering more.

  546. Mario (verified owner)

    Love it

  547. Tyler B. (verified owner)

    Apon owning getting my Sig Sauer P365XL, I also purchased a Sig 15 round magazine. While the size of the magazine doesn’t add much to the size of the pistol, and also offers a nice bit of room for my offhand to grip, it prints a bit more while being a bit uncomfortable to toat around. This doesn’t bother me much, but when you’re a skinny guy like me any bit of print is an un-nerving feeling, so I order your product! I figured having 1 round less than 15+1 wouldn’t be bad. So far I love it, it’s great for carrying, offers a tad more room for my offhand to purchase, and it’s a tad easier to load. Reviews online are also really positive too, so far I’m with them. One question I have, is do you plan to make a product for the 15 rounder? It could be a great thing to have for the range, or bigger dudes who do carry the 15 round.

  548. israel p. (verified owner)

    Great product,great price

  549. RONALD M. (verified owner)

    Magguts are great! I need to order more for the rest if my magazines now. Having the +2 is nice, and they are easier to load over the stock spring. Would definitely recommend.

  550. Michael (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, easy to install, works exactly as advertised. That’s why this was my second purchase.

  551. milton b. (verified owner)

    Awesome for the sig!! The Glock not so much one needs three hands🤬

  552. Albert Harley (verified owner)

  553. Peter G. (verified owner)

    No issues with install if following the advice of test fitting the base pads prior to installing the follower and spring. 500 rounds, zero issues. Performing as advertised!

  554. Jeff Compton (verified owner)

    Awesome product.

  555. Robert Walter (verified owner)

    Great product. Easy to install. Functions perfectly. Quick shipping. Will buy the +2 for the 15 round mag as soon as it is available. Thanks Mag Guts.

  556. Jacob (verified owner)

    Amazing product and quick shipping! Just wish Mag Guts made a +2 for the P365 15 round mag

  557. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love these!! The added capacity with minimal added length is great.

  558. Bill L. (verified owner)

    Came on time, easy to load 14 rounds for my sig 365x. Hopefully feeds well. Awesome design. I had read so many great reviews. I’m sure it will be fine. If so I’m going g to order a few more

  559. Danny Jelinek (verified owner)

  560. Eric H. (verified owner)

    Love it…works and functions like it’s supposed too….

  561. Cristian (verified owner)

    Messed up the installation on my first spring and they sent me another one right away, great customer service

  562. Adam (verified owner)

    Transaction was simple and easy and shipping was fast. Installation was only as difficult as getting the spring to compromise with my thumbs but everything went together easily and there were no problems. Function and fit are superb and I’ll definitely be picking up more of these for my Sig P365 XL.

  563. Reagan Milliet (verified owner)

    Bout this for my P365X. Pretty easy install and works great. Haven’t had it for long but so far no feeding issues and holds all 14 bullets easily and adds a little extra at the front of the grip for more pinky room.

  564. John (verified owner)

    not a big review writer but these work as advertised and fast shipping.

    hope they release a P938 version soon

  565. Steve S. (verified owner)

    Will work through all my mags. Awesome that it maintains OEM size.

  566. John (verified owner)

  567. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Put 2 of these in the factory mags of my XL couple weeks back but took it to the range today and ran 100 rounds of of each and had zero issues of any kind. Brand new gun as well.

  568. Michael Battoe (verified owner)

  569. Michael (verified owner)

  570. Paul H. (verified owner)

    I purchased two of these for the mags included with my Sig P365 XL – they are wonderful! Passed every test I threw at them through 200 rounds. I also installed Tactical Development “Pro Ledge Base Pads” on both mags. They are a real challenge to install but well worth the effort. My Sig fits me like a glove and the mags hold two additional rounds – SUPERB PRODUCTS!

  571. Bill S. (verified owner)

  572. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Patience required for installation, but not complicated.

  573. Thomas Wing (verified owner)

    Awesome product and shipped very quicklya

  574. Shawn Mcbride (verified owner)

    Great service, great product !

  575. Timothy Broder (verified owner)

  576. Kenneth Thomas (verified owner)

  577. Ernest C. (verified owner)

    Ran a couple of boxes of ammo through my P365x with no problem what so ever.

  578. allen c. (verified owner)

    A no brainer. More capacity, same mag. Just need a +2 for the 15 round P365 X & XL now!

  579. Daniel (verified owner)

  580. Lewis R. Gibson (verified owner)

  581. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Overall it’s a good way to increase the capacity with (2) extra rounds however it is very difficult to get that base plate on, your going to need some patience.

  582. Aaron Klass (verified owner)

    Installation was difficult and I bent the spring. Left it compressed for a few days. I haven’t been to the range year to check reliability, but I’m moderately concerned. Love the concept.

  583. Ernest Eckard (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 of these for my sig 365xl 12 round magazine. No problem with the Install on both magazine’s and cycled both magazine’s quite a few times with no problems. Highly recommend this to gain 2 extra rounds per magazine with barley any added length is awesome.

  584. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Use gloves when installing, sides of spring are like a razor blade.

  585. Dave C. (verified owner)

    Outstanding product and purchase experience.

  586. Daniel (verified owner)

    easy to install works great much easier to load mags

  587. Michael S. (verified owner)

    Been using Magguts for several years. First with Shield now with Sig 365XL. They always work great. Very reliable.

  588. Nicholas S. (verified owner)

    Kit shipped quickly and was packaged well with clear instructions. For some reason there seems to be a little rattle in the base of the mag when fully loaded. Have not testef with live rounds yet but when cycling the slide it had no problems feeding. Crazy to think this gets 14+1 in that small gun

  589. Jason (verified owner)

    Excellent product, excellent customer service. Highly recommend MagGuts products

  590. Anonymous (verified owner)

  591. DONNIE S. (verified owner)

    I followed the instructions and videos everything worked just like it was designed to work.

  592. Don P. (verified owner)

    Great product! I will be buying more for my other mags!

  593. Matthew Robinson (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Magazine follower, spring and base plate work great. Gives me two extra rounds without increasing the mag length.

  594. Eric (verified owner)

    Works perfect. Definitely worth buying.

  595. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Everything went like it should always when your order from any company.

  596. William Blair (verified owner)

    Great product!

  597. Jamison Sanders (verified owner)

    This kit works great

  598. Christopher N. (verified owner)

    The follower could use a bit more meat on the guide when loading the first so, so that it goes on smooth. Other than that, the magazine performs better than oem and hold all 14 rnds with out binding up the slide well clambering the first round.

  599. David Wallin (verified owner)

    Price could be a bit lower.

  600. Mel L. (verified owner)

  601. Brett Denison (verified owner)

  602. Porter L B. (verified owner)

    Easy to install and no problems loading all 14 rds. All mags cycled perfectly so far

  603. Jesse Alford (verified owner)

    Easy straightforward install. Magazine worked flawlessly. Put 75 rnds through it the day of install with zero feed issues. The plus two capacity is a great addition to my P365X!

  604. Daniel (verified owner)

    Awesome kit makes the mags easier to load by hand, the stock springs were too tight imo. Very good customer service also. Would recommend to any of my friends.

  605. Eric Colon (verified owner)

    Ran flawlessly! I generally like to shoot several hundred rounds before I consider it a GO it’s definitely a GO!

  606. John H. (verified owner)

  607. Camryn (verified owner)

    Love the capacity increas with virtually no gain in size. Awesome product

  608. William Youngs (verified owner)

    Great product; magazines are easier to load and my Sig functions better with your product installed. The first installation was harder than I thought it might be, but the second magazine conversation went much easier. Thanks for making this product! 🙂

  609. Steven (verified owner)

    Super simple conversion. Feeds perfectly and I can now carry 14 rounds + 1

  610. Daniel B. (verified owner)

    Nice spring. Works great

  611. Chris B. (verified owner)

    Worked great

  612. Jordan (verified owner)

    Never had any problem with this setup no feeding issues. I have all my mags with these kits now and bought one more for future mag purchase which makes every mag even more precious being an 80+ dollars per mag now. In my opinion they are worth the buy for my concealed carry and extra freedom seeds to defy “Branden” and the Washington state legislature that just passed the 10rd limit going into effect in July 2022.

  613. DON M. (verified owner)

    very good quality product and fast service at a great price can’t ask for more than that. well maybe a little cheaper lol

  614. Kevin C. (verified owner)

    Excellent products great service! Fast shipping. I will be buying more! A++

  615. Jason Pierucci (verified owner)

    Had these back in the days of the G43. Excellent product. Mags are easier to load and you get 2 extra favors. Will recommend and buy again.

  616. Darren C. (verified owner)

    Worth every penny! Bought 4 to test if they would work and they did, flawlessly. Ordered 4 to fill out my EDC kit. 14 in the mag with 1 in the chamber and at least 1 backup mag; 29 rounds in a firearm the size of the P365xl is incredible. MAGGUTS makes the perfect concealed carry gun even better.

  617. Brett Denison (verified owner)

  618. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Overall great addition to the standard XL magazines. Now my everyday carry magazines carry as much as the Sig factory 15 round extended magazines. I haven’t seen too much about poor reliability on these. I personally own two and have only cycled about 50 rounds through each under live fire. The only negative I could put forward is the price, which is almost as much as those factory Sig 15 rounders, so I guess it makes sense. Still, I would say these are a worthwhile purchase for anyone wishing to add capacity to your stock Sig p365X or XL pistol. I will probably buy the MagGuts for the 15 round magazines when they make them.

  619. Darren L. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Works as designed.

  620. Anonymous (verified owner)

    2nd time is a charm. This set was perfect out of the box. Installed w/o a hitch and runs flawlessly with pistol. Recommend.

  621. Dominic Sheets (verified owner)

    Still haven’t got them…..?????

  622. Chase Wright (verified owner)

    There’s nothing like being able to carry 15 rounds of 9mm in a flush fitting mag for ultimate conceal

  623. Paul M. (verified owner)

    Put a couple hundred rounds thru it and it worked flawlessly.

  624. Jose D. (verified owner)

    More capacity is always a ++++👍🏼

  625. ed gutierrez (verified owner)


  626. Rafael Abad (verified owner)

    It works 100%.

  627. Michael (verified owner)

    I will be returning mine .
    It has been impossible for me to get the spring in and the bottom of the mag closed.
    I love the concept, but I can’t get it to work.

  628. Michael Torres (verified owner)

  629. Werner Karg (verified owner)

    hard as heck to install, Even harder to load the mag. Good idea but needs work on improvement.

  630. Kevin G. (verified owner)

    Shot 100 rounds through my p365xl after installing the Magguts +2 in the 12 round flush fit magazine. No failure to feeds and the slide locked back when empty. Great upgrade!

  631. Christopher A. (verified owner)

    Have not had the time to test product however I have seen other people test it and it looks to be high quality and the shipping is pretty quick so all in all I am very happy plus it has two extra rounds to a micro compact

  632. Clarence (verified owner)

    A very nice setup! Now if they just made one for the 15rd 365 magazine. (🙂)

  633. Daniel (verified owner)

    WOW. What an awesome upgrade for my P365X. My testing has shown it to be flawless thus far. Shipping was fast and the price is right. This is a must have for 365 owners. Just buy it!

  634. Jonathan Golding (verified owner)

    Quick shipping and works great

  635. Richard Jensen (verified owner)

    My order shipped fast and it installed easy. Great product, I really like the small lip on the bottom of the clip as it makes for a better grip and gives my pinky finger a place to rest. Overall it’s a great product and hey…who doesn’t need a couple extra rounds!

  636. ANDRES IRISARRI (verified owner)

  637. timothy v. (verified owner)

    Worked great

  638. Peter P. (verified owner)

    Great so far! I’ve ran 8 mags with the Magguts in them and haven’t had any failures. Having the 14+1 in such a compact package is a game changer. I honestly don’t even take my fifteen round mag anymore.

  639. Jose C. (verified owner)

    I bit price but worth it. 15 round mag looks funny and out of place on a p365xl. This makes your 12 round mag a 14 rounder. All you added was less then a 1/4″. And fits in great with the Sig’s magwell

  640. Charlie Varga (verified owner)

  641. Samuel M. (verified owner)

    Love the Z spring! Hope magguts will make one for 15round Sig 365 mag!

  642. Adam F. (verified owner)

    I wish it would work with aftermarket baseplates but I understand why they don’t. I’d really be interested in a variant for the 15rd mags or even full size mags for the P320…

  643. Kevin C. (verified owner)

    Great company and product! Fast shipping and great communication! A++

  644. Ian S. (verified owner)

    These are great. ran flawlessly and enjoy the +2 rounds with no increase in mag length. Just as advertised and have already recommended to friends.

  645. Timothy B. (verified owner)

    So far they seem to run great. It almost seems like a magic trick getting 14 rounds in a magazine that small.

  646. Charles (verified owner)

    Great product. Works like a champ! Fast delivery too. Highly recommend!

  647. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product works as advertised. No issues with the install and holds 14 rounds. Would recommend and buy again.

  648. Jacek Niewiadomski (verified owner)

  649. Stephen Tyrrell (verified owner)

    Easy and works

  650. David (verified owner)

    I used these at the range for the 1st time today. They worked flawlessly and they were a joy to load. Money well spent.

  651. Jay Stewart (verified owner)

    Makes a great gun awesome

  652. Brenton McCormick (verified owner)

    This is my second time I used Magguts to increase the capacity of my magazines. This one is amazing. It adds 2 rounds to the factory 12 round magazine……and barely adds any length to the magazine (I believe it is 3/32nds of an inch). I bought 2 so that both of my 12 round magazines could be increased. They run flawlessly. No issues at all! I highly recommend!

  653. PHILLIP HESTER (verified owner)

  654. kyle davis (verified owner)

    Wasn’t satisfied with the product. I’ve been attempting to return it since March 29th with no response from the company.

  655. Eric Anderson (verified owner)

    Does not cycle defensive ammo reliably.

  656. Nathaniel M. (verified owner)

    The kit works just as described and it’s nice to have the added capacity!

  657. Kevin Perry (verified owner)

  658. Timothy G. (verified owner)

    These things are awesome. Basically makes the factory 15 round mags obsolete. I will use these in every 12 round mag that I have.

  659. Anonymous (verified owner)

  660. Dustin Durdin (verified owner)


  661. Thaddaios Baxter (verified owner)

    I was looking for a little bit more room on my pinky and the extra two rounds you can’t go wrong with that. The other pinky extensions that I’ve seen were too big for a concealed weapon this maggut kit is perfect

  662. Bruce D. (verified owner)

    The MagGuts makes the OEM Sig P365x 12 round magazines much easier to load and I get 14 rounds in the magazine, no problem! I put at least 56 rounds through the adapted magazine with No issues. Easy load and easy feed, no failures.

  663. Scott W. (verified owner)

    Easy to install

  664. James (verified owner)

    Fast shipping – good quality product – basically carrying the same size magazine with two extra rounds. Just priced a bit high

  665. Kevin Williams (verified owner)

    Wish the base plate was longer for my pinky finger to wrap around .

  666. Joshua (verified owner)

    Works great! Put 300+ rounds in a day through one mag with this kit installed and had no malfunctions. Not difficult to install and I will probably purchase more. I would recommend this kit

  667. Robert Pelletier (verified owner)

    Purchased for Sig P365 XL. Ordered based on reviews and a lot of research. I ran into Issues with slide locking back with 1 round left in the magazine, happened every 4th or 5th magazine. Last round does not always move up high enough, happens starting with a full or partially full mag. Removed spring, cleaned/lubed and reinstalled spring. Re-tested with the same results. At this point I’m unable to recommend/trust Magguts for defense. Prior to testing this one I ordered 4 additional Magguts springs for other pistols, hopefully they do not have this issue and I just received a defect for the P365. I still have 3 stars based on the high probability this mag is defective.

  668. Larry T. (verified owner)

    Operates flawlessly. Now my P365XL is a 14+1 with standard mag.

  669. Joshua Holdridge (verified owner)

    Higley recommend who wouldn’t want an extra 2 rounds in there mag!!

  670. Leslie (verified owner)

    They can be tricky to install! After the guts are in the mag, slide the base plate almost all the way, the tail end of the spring will stick out. Push it in with a small flat screwdriver. Other than that, they are great for the Sig P365XL. I ordered 2 and highly recommend!

  671. Tyler (verified owner)

    They’re easy to Install and nice fit and finish

  672. Raymond Winter (verified owner)

    Easy to place in the original magazine and operates extremely well

  673. robert doellman (verified owner)

    love em told.all my.friends now there buying

  674. Gary (verified owner)

    Great product. Took my Sig to the range and no feed issues. Very happy.

  675. Nic D. (verified owner)

    Transaction went extremely smoothly and I am impressed with the product. USPS delivered to the wrong house and package came a week later, but not the fault of MagGuts. I wish the baseplate was made from Aluminum but other than that love the product!

  676. Victor (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding products.

  677. Richard Marino (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  678. Damian B. (verified owner)

    It olny adds about a 16th of an inch to the length of the magazine and its a bit tricky to get it installed the 1st time but by far the best option there is to add +2 rounds to the 365xl. Feeds 100% so far and the flat spring feels smooth and not difficult to load. For concealment this is the best option put there as of April 2022.
    Will absolutely be getting one for every mag I have.

  679. Mason M. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. The fact my small pistol rivals medium Glocks in capacity is exactly what I was looking for.

  680. Gary Moore (verified owner)

    Excellent product!! Will be getting more of them.

  681. Randy P. (verified owner)

    Bought 2 kits, the second mag I installed the +2 extension in, would lock the slide open with 1 round still left in the mag. Pulled the kit out and installed in another mag, and that mag worked fine. I honestly believe the issue was a tolerance stacking issue between the mag and the +2 kit. No harm, no foul but it was an issue to keep in mind especially if you are carrying these for ccw.

  682. Doug M. (verified owner)

  683. James M. (verified owner)

    A must have game changer better than the 15rnd mag

  684. Paul D. (verified owner)

    So far so good…no failures after limited use…will see about long term reliability. Awaiting on another shipment at present.

  685. William G. (verified owner)

    Excellent product, quick shipping… 2 extra rounds in a concealed weapon? YES PLEASE!!!

  686. DUSTIN D. (verified owner)

    Works and looks great on my 365XL with a wilson combat grip module. Shipped fast and was pretty easy to install. Way better to conceal my new 14 round capable mags than the 15 round oem mags for less money .

  687. Charles B. (verified owner)

    Installation isn’t bad, smooth is fast.
    Ran 56rds of 124gr FMJ day one with no hang ups. Day two, hollow points, assorted brand and weight, 112rds without hang up or misfeeding.
    Excellent product Gentleman, well done.

  688. Luis M. (verified owner)

    Quick and fast. Exceeded my expectations.

  689. Jacob g. (verified owner)

    Fantastic product but shipping was delayed 6 days

  690. Pedro Tellez (verified owner)

    Like the MagGuts products I had before..”AWESOME”.. Very solid internals for the P365xl.. if I could afford more..all my Mags would be ..all internals by “MagGuts”
    U.S.M.C. (Vet)
    1/9 – 2/1 S.T.A
    SEMPER-FI 🇺🇸
    God Bless 😇

  691. James A. (verified owner)

  692. Jesse Biggs (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 to try. Ordered 4 more! Excellent product! Fast shipping. I would order more if needed. Highly recommend!!

  693. Arturo v. (verified owner)

    It’s works perfect shoot about 300 rounds an was 100 % reliable yes I recommend this product

  694. Matt (verified owner)

  695. Juan (verified owner)

    I do EDC with my P365 with XL grip. My biggest gripe was capacity. This product fixed that issue by increasing the low profile 12 round magazine to a 14+1. The installation was super easy and had the simplest instructions ever. Even loading the magazines is easier now with the new magguts magazine parts.

  696. john miller (verified owner)

  697. Antoni (verified owner)

    This product is downright divine. Immaculate, perfect, ingenious. Not loving this mag extension is inconceivable. Please buy it, unless you’re a fudd. 🤘🏻

  698. Joseph (verified owner)

    This is an awesome product. Easy to install. Adds the slightest bit of length which is perfect for your pinky. Adding this to your pistol I believe makes it the smallest with the most capacity. Will definitely buy from them again. Hoping they do something for the 15 rounders.

  699. Andrew D. (verified owner)

    I love the added capacity with only the addition of a couple millimeters. I also like the rounded-off edges of the base plate. My only knock on this kit is that it rattles inside the mag when I have all 14 rounds loaded.

  700. Jeffery Yaskus (verified owner)

    Love it, works great! I’m really hopeful that they will have the 15rd +2rd available before washington state deadline

  701. Erik M. (verified owner)

    So far so good. Magguts installed correctly and hold +2 as advertised. No range trips yet, so I cannot review the functional.

  702. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Bought these for 12 rd mags for Sig P365 X. Shipping was quick. Fits and works as advertised. Makes it easier to load all rounds and expands capacity to 14. With one in chamber, that’s equal to some full size pistols. I really like the slight flare on the spring retainer/cap. Magazine insertion is easier compared to the flush Sig Sauer cap, providing positive mag seating and retention. The red follower is great for easy magazine identification when unloaded to know which are 14 rd compared to 12rd mags. I’ve fired about 400 rds through P365 using two converted mags without failure. They are loaded for EDC and swapped every other month to let the mag spring rest. So far, a great product.

  703. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really great product. Was a little skeptical at first, but very pleased indeed. Ran 200 rounds, mix of factory FMJ and HP as well as reloads (FMJ, powder coat and HP). Flawless function. In addition, it’s actually easier to load 14 rounds into magazines with this upgrade than loading 12 into the factory mag.
    Great job!

  704. Daniel G. (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, easy installation and works great! Immediately ordered another. I would highly recommend.

  705. Florante (verified owner)

    Great product, easy to install, 500 rounds and no problems so far

  706. Alan (verified owner)

    Ordered two of these extenders. One went in with no issues. The second one was a beast to get in. Not sure why. Both are in and working perfectly.

  707. Danny Warren (verified owner)

    I love the MagGuts +2 P365. The only issue I have is the follower sticks up considerably further than the stock and there is a gap that is unsightly. That may be necessary but I want to give my honest opinion. With that said, it functions flawlessly so far and as stated, I love it !

  708. Joseph C. (verified owner)

    Takes a little time making sure the follower & spring are correctly lined up. Putting on the baseplate Takes some patience due to the rear portion of the spring keeps popping out of the magazine body. Overall pleased with the end result. Can load 14 rounds easily without the use of a magazine loader.

  709. Christian (verified owner)

    Very cool after market part. Easy to install and works well. I was hesitant to use it for my EDC and hesitant to put a review until I tried it. I took it to the range and primarily used the magazine that I put this spring in and put a couple hundred rounds through it with absolutely no problems. Overall great product!

  710. David (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service and product. Would recommend!

  711. Jan Reyes (verified owner)

    I have magguts in all of my magazines. That explains the trust and reliability. Definitely would buy more when I get more magazines.

  712. Aleksandar (verified owner)

    Awesome product. It was easy to install and it’s been working without any problems. It not only added two more rounds of capacity, but it also makes it significantly easier to insert a full mag when the slide is shut. 100/10 would recommend.

  713. Anonymous (verified owner)

    2 extra rounds at no additional lenght, these are a must have!

  714. James M. (verified owner)

  715. Kevin Williams (verified owner)

    I wish the baseplates could be longer but they do the job and no malfunctions.

  716. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works great, It’s nice to have a couple of extra rounds in my magazine.

  717. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So far so good will update after shooting with it. Went together EZ.

  718. Mike Staggs (verified owner)

    Nothing but great! It just makes since to have a flat spring.

    I have run 100 rounds through both magazines and no problem. Smooth and easy to load. I plan on 200 rounds each this weekend.

    Price is not bad considering what a new mag with two extra rounds would cost.

    Thank you guy’s very much

  719. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Way too early to tell … just got it and putting it to the three-month test to see if it loads properly.

  720. Anonymous (verified owner)

  721. Doroteo P. (verified owner)

    Great product and craftsmanship

  722. Curtis H. (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Delivered quickly, easy to install, not a glitch in 300+ break-in rounds. Couldn’t ask for more!

  723. Cory LaBove (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic kit for my P365X. I’m new to doing modifications myself so I made sure to watch a few videos to make sure I had it right. It took under a minute to make the changes and it feels perfect. I bought other pinky extensions and they just don’t have the right feel. This kit does and adds the extra rounds. It’s perfect. I will be buying more kits.

  724. Bruce (verified owner)

    I have purchased 2 MagGuts kits for my Sig P365x. I have put about 70 rounds through each without any issues. They feed well so far and are extremely easy to load. The extra 2 rounds for $34 and barely any extra length is a preferable option to the OEM 15 round magazine that adds considerable extra length to the grip.

  725. Arthur Dubiel (verified owner)

    Just a little heavy on the price.

  726. Joshua S. (verified owner)

  727. Roger (verified owner)


  728. Charles Ruedrich (verified owner)

    I have to say it started out kinda rough the mail lost my package. But that wasn’t magguts fault.After a couple emails and a phone call . Magguts shipped me another one out and it was delivered in 3 days. I will definitely buy from them again in the future. If I can offer any advice to anyone looking to buy it’s worth the extra money to avoid being shipped through the mail.

  729. Jourdan S. (verified owner)

  730. Justin (verified owner)

    Works great, goes to 14 and doesn’t stick out. It’s incredible how they can do that. Definitely recommend mag guts.

  731. Sean H. (verified owner)

    What a great accessory for my XL. I will be ordering more.

  732. Rod S. (verified owner)

    Items showed up FAST, install was quick and easy. Mag loads 14 faster and easier than it did 12. Great upgrade. I HIGHLY recommend!!!

  733. Rick (verified owner)

  734. Michael (verified owner)

    Great product & great service!

  735. Nenad Kokanovic (verified owner)

    Ordering and delivery were no problem, but unfortunately the product is not very reliable. Therefore, I will not be able to use it as CCW, unfortunately I really had high hopes. After the 430 bullets I fired, most of the brass ammunition worked (I think all the brass ammunition worked), but the steel casings, even the brass-coated ammunition, were causing problems. I’m really sorry because I intended to buy two more.
    I hope this will help you in the future.
    Thank you

  736. Stephen B. (verified owner)

    Love it! Ingenious and high quality item

  737. Joel (verified owner)

    It fit perfectly in my P365X and worked flawlessly through the 100 rds. It is easier to load the 14rds with the MagGuts than it was with the 12rds original spring. The only challenge was actually get the base plate installed without the spring sliding. LOL regardless, I wish they had more variations because I’d invest that purchase. Thanks folks!

  738. Joseph Kamer (verified owner)

    Excellent fits and works as described fast shipping

  739. Juan (verified owner)

  740. Brandon (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied with the reliability of the product thus far. From the shipping speed to instalation, everything went smoothly!

  741. Mario Barrios (verified owner)

    Great product, great service!!

  742. Jason H. (verified owner)

    Worked great. Easy modification to make.

  743. Michael M. (verified owner)

    Awesome! The P365XL is already a superb gun, but +2 capacity makes it mind blowing! This kit allows near G19 capacity in a gun that’s barely bigger than a G43. The performance is perfectly reliable, and it only adds about 1/4 inch to the grip, so there is no reduction in concealability. HOME RUN!!!

  744. Jorge (verified owner)

    I used magguts on my regular 365. Even in the 12 rounder for standar 365. But in the mags of my XL gave me fail to feed like 4 times in 200 rounds. I took it for another session and again. Same problem. I lost confidence. I’m no using it.

  745. Alec (verified owner)

    Will change to five stars if next time I go out next and swap the spring out.

    My sig 365xl has never jammed after 500 rounds, granted thats only 500 rounds, and jammed at least two bullets per mag every time for about 200 rounds. I do have the dpm spring upgrade with the longest spring and large spacer. I’m gonna play around with the slide tension and the stock slide and see if I can’t find some harmony.

    If it works with only the stock spring will give four stars.

  746. Adam (verified owner)

    Took some effort, but I think it’s all installed correctly now. I won’t use as EDC till I’ve been down the range with it for a while.

  747. Trevor G. (verified owner)

    Badass. Super easy to install. Makes factory 12s the PERFECT length. They were just a little short for me to get a full comfortable grip. The extra 17% firepower per mag is pretty sweet too.

  748. Charles G. (verified owner)

    Very well made fast shipping trying to decide if I want another kit or a 15 round mag.

  749. Anonymous (verified owner)

  750. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The real deal. Fits 14 rounds.

  751. Vang T. (verified owner)

    Easy to install and works great. 12 rounds to 14 is a big plus to me, these are great.

  752. Ricardo T. (verified owner)

    Outstanding design and functionality. Excellent build quality. I highly recommend this to expand your magazine capacity, maintaining the same compatability.

  753. Thomas (verified owner)

    Great Service – Great Products

  754. Joe Shamus (verified owner)

    Delivered in a decent time frame, easy to install, my only complaint is it seems to jam my gun more….. it could have been just the set of bullets I used on that day (remanufactured) so I’m not sure. But other than that pleased with it.

  755. James S. (verified owner)

  756. Alberto Romero (verified owner)

    Super easy to install. This upgrade is a must on your sig p365/p365X/XL. Before I bought my magguts I watched reviews on YouTube and they all had a positive review and mine does to! LOVE EM!!!

  757. John Graham (verified owner)

    Officer John Graham here. This product here makes your Sig P365 a 15 round pistol. Amazing the fact that a small compact pistol can contain so many rounds. Thanks to Mag Guts I can carry my favorite pistol everywhere.
    Easy to install and mags are slightly easier to load, even to the last round.

  758. Tom Saunders (verified owner)

    High quality product very happy with the performance.

  759. Justin L. (verified owner)

    Works great!! Another easy install and a perfect upgrade!

  760. Anonymous (verified owner)

  761. Sean H. (verified owner)

    Works flawlessly and I love the fact that the 1/4” it sticks out of the bottom gives my pinky all it needs!

  762. Brennon Watson (verified owner)

    My only complaint is the directions could be better. Aside from that the mag guts were quick and easy to install and they are better than original mag spring when it comes to loading magazine

  763. Mark (verified owner)

    +2? Whats not to like.

    I recently upgraded my 365 frame to a Wilson Combat 365X/XL frame and got three Magguts kits to extend my 12 round mags to 14 and fit the beveled magwell on the frame. They feed well. THey fit well. They appear to be well made. I am very happy in my purchases.

  764. Worth K. (verified owner)

  765. Donald (verified owner)

    Thank you for sending my replacement magGuts in a timely manner. I have sent back the return package. Excellent customer service

  766. Matthew B. (verified owner)

    I have been using MagGuts for some time. Some people express concerns about messing with factory magazines, but I have shot thousands of rounds using these springs without a magazine related failure. If I can add a couple rounds and still have an extremely reliable firearm, I will keep doing that. I really appreciate the company and the piece of mind I have, knowing that I’m a little more prepared.

  767. Marty D. (verified owner)

    Great product

  768. Samuel Matos (verified owner)

    I purchased and just recently had the opportunity to test it at my local range. It loads, fires and locks open after last round without issues. Nothing else needs to be said, except I am getting more.

  769. Jon (verified owner)

    Wow super simple to install 14 rounds no problem. fantastic product should be standard equipment on all sig mags.

  770. MICHAEL C. (verified owner)

    ordered this was not sure of it. took while to install but got it. Took to range other day. fired nice and didnt need a speed loader to reload mag. Love it. ordered another one for my other 12 rd mag. friend bought gun and might order insets and try out but he has larger hands so if still to small we might swap my 15 rd mags for his 12 rd with insets. love inserts keeps weight down and only lose 1 rd when using this insert.

  771. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As advertised.. I recommend!

  772. Donald Henderson (verified owner)

    At 80 my hands aren’t as strong as they once were. It took me a number of tries to install. But they are well made and easier to load than factory. Holds 14 and inserts easy in a closed slide.

  773. Johan (verified owner)

    Outstanding product,even better customer service. Had an issue with one of the products,(no fault of the company) and was resolved immediately. Thank you.

  774. cliff scott (verified owner)

  775. stephen thornton (verified owner)

    Fits perfect and adds 2 rounds to factory mag.

  776. derryl martindale (verified owner)

    Great product!!! I don’t have the manual dexterity to handle the assembly. But, I will will visit the gunsmith.

  777. Ted (verified owner)

    Pain to install properly. Either improve the fit between spring and follower or make them a single piece

  778. Anonymous (verified owner)

  779. phil b. (verified owner)

    I have ordered from MagGuts a few times always on time and never any problems with my order

  780. Cody Calvert (verified owner)

  781. Eric W. (verified owner)

    Best upgrade for p365xl love the extra 2 rounds. Works perfectly I have 2 of them and I’m picky

  782. Thomas H. (verified owner)

    Worked as advertised, easy to install and worked great! Very nice product.

  783. Jesse Holt (verified owner)

    Difficult to install. Would be much better if the follower was attached to the spring. Base plate leaves a tiny gap where it looks like the spring may eventually work its way through that gap. Base of spring would be better with a shoulder on both end – would fix the gap issue and make aligning base plate and spring base very easy.

  784. David Lopez (verified owner)

  785. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really, no instructions, no websites offered as help. And there marginal at best

  786. Lanier M. (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Allows smoother loading than the original magazine guts! Increases round count by 2 to total of 14 rounds for my Sig 12 round flush magazine for the 365XL. I appreciate the close fit tolerances of this product – no slop!

  787. Timothy Schreiner (verified owner)

    Excellent product, and super easy to install! Works as advertised!

  788. Frank (verified owner)

    Works well. Easy to install. Instructions very clear and concise. Seems reliable from my testing.

  789. Michael (verified owner)

    Not sure the price is worth 2 rounds.

  790. Joe B. (verified owner)

    Great product! No issues in both my Glock 43 and Sig P365! We need one for a Glock 43X!

  791. Michael H. (verified owner)

    This was my second purchase from Magguts & it won’t be my last. The ability to add 2 more rounds to my 12 round P365 mag is awesome. Even more amazing is that it there is no noticeable change in size yet the difference in how much easier it is to load the mag is very noticeable.
    Great product!!

  792. Anonymous (verified owner)

  793. Frank L. (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Fits and works perfectly. Highly recommend.

  794. Daniel W. (verified owner)

    Great product, works well!!

  795. Thomas B. (verified owner)

    Works perfect, easy to install. Who wouldn’t want 2 extra rounds

  796. Chris (verified owner)

    Easier to load rounds and gives me extra capacity in my 365 XL. Excellent Product!

  797. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good product, easy to change the mag internals and does indeed hold 14 rounds. Slight rattle when fully loaded but not an issue for me

  798. Mario G. (verified owner)

  799. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great value for 14+1 capacity in a p365xl concealed package. Cycled through 100 rounds with no issues.

  800. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This came very quickly. I’ve heard good things about these including they’re easier to load than with the original springs. Thanks.

  801. William K. (verified owner)

    Worked very good!! Thanks

  802. Keith R. (verified owner)

    Great item. Works perfectly. Fast shipping

  803. Edgardo Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Well package and very quick delivery time

  804. Brian K. (verified owner)

  805. David Susak (verified owner)

    Works great! Excellent customer service.

  806. Thomas (verified owner)

    I’ve used and like MagGuts product in the past and they are very reliable and never had an issue. Unfortunately, I have been unable to get the base installed. I’ve tried it on several different Sig P365 XL mags to no avail. I’m not sure what the issue is, possibly the base pad is out of spec.

  807. John Hanson (verified owner)

    Installation was a bit challenging as expected. Haven’t tested for reliability yet but assuming feeding and cycling is as dependable as expected I will gladly change my rating to a 5. What a great improvement to an already amazing handgun.

  808. Samuel Matos (verified owner)

    Simply put, these things work. Took it to the range and shot 150 rounds between two of them with no issues.

  809. Robert C. (verified owner)

    Amazing! I don’t know how they manage to squeeze an extra 2 rounds but it runs flawlessly and is easy to install

  810. Justin (verified owner)

    Great product fast delivery would definitely order from the again

  811. Scott Payne (verified owner)

    It’s awesome!!!! Just wish the fowler didn’t move as much you have to put one round in before you can use a speed louder … other than that it is awesome!!!

  812. Brian L. (verified owner)

  813. Matthew S. (verified owner)

    Easy to change on stock magazine, functioned flawlessly so far!

  814. Ryan Brush (verified owner)

    Bought 3 mags and 2 of them the rounds are extremely loose, took the springs out made sure when I put them back in that they where in correctly still have same issue

  815. Jordan J. (verified owner)

    Ordered two, only received one. Contacted customer service and they had a new one in the mail that day. As far as the guts, easy to install, seems to feed just fine but can’t comment as to long run, we shall see. Installs obviously really straight forward and ya can’t complain about 14+1 on the p365xl!

  816. Melvin (verified owner)

  817. Brandon B. (verified owner)

    Exceeded my expectations!

  818. Bradley E. (verified owner)

    Very nice to have 14rds in a 12rd mag. No issues with feeding, firearm locking back or ejection. Other reviews are correct it is easier to load 14 with the magguts than 12 with the regular sig mag. Install is not hard, just takes patience to get the spring and follower correct. I read comments about rounds rattling in the mag. I had a little noise but you need to seat the rounds like any other mag and the rattle goes away. The little rattle it has was minimal at most and you couldn’t hear it when the mag was in the gun. I will be ordering another one for my other 12rd mags.

  819. David (verified owner)

  820. Duane R. (verified owner)

    Great product, performed exactly as advertised!

  821. Eliah (verified owner)

    Works as advertised. Easy to install. Smooth, quick and well communicated delivery. There’s really not a lot to say beyond “it works without jamming up”. If +2 is worth it to you at this price, don’t hesitate.

  822. William Smith (verified owner)

  823. Elizabeth keeland (verified owner)

    It’s been a while since I purchased a product that did exactly what it is supposed to do! Easy install! A no brainer!

  824. Jose A Gonzalez (verified owner)

  825. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the performance but the design of the sharp edges of the springs is lacking. They should be smooth and rounded off. Also the base plate is ho-hum and underwhelming too.

  826. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier get 14+1 without sacrificing concealability and slightly more grip so my pinky isn’t grabbing barely anything.

  827. Anonymous (verified owner)

  828. James R (verified owner)

    Great service and great well made product

  829. Lindy L. (verified owner)

    These are really innovative! I took mine to the range and they functioned flawlessly. Very Cool!

  830. Robert Ivey (verified owner)

    Now that I have the installation down pat, the product works great and I am very, very happy. Customer service is great also. I damaged the first two that I bought (my error) and they sent me springs right out at no charge. Excellent company to deal with. Highly Recommended!!!!

  831. Kim (verified owner)

    The Sig Sauer P365 X & XL +2 for 12 Round Magazine works good so far. I have shot 100 rds using it with no issues. My only concern is the follower seems the be to thin. I would like the follower to be a bit more robust. When loading you have to kinda roll the first round into the magazine because the follower will hang on the corner if you don’t. However the 100 rounds I shot, the mag worked flawlessly.

  832. Casey (verified owner)

    Easy to do, read the directions cause there is a specific way the spring sits under the follower. Have shot 50 rounds through it and have had no issues, awesome product

  833. Tyler Alderman (verified owner)

    So far so good. no malfunctions does what I want it to do which is push up rounds.

  834. Joshua C. (verified owner)

  835. Frank D. (verified owner)


  836. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Worked very well, turn the sig 12 round(actually 11) to an easy loading 14 rounds

  837. John C. (verified owner)

    So far so good

  838. Jesse Martin (verified owner)

    These mag springs are great! They work flawlessly every time.

  839. Alfred Beck Jr (verified owner)

  840. Steve Eisenberg