About Us

The Company

Corso Inc. is an innovation company.  Everything we see here is viewed as something to be improved.  Our engineers have designed and patented several game changing products across a number of industries.  With a passion for firearms, it was a natural progression to shift our focus toward innovations that will set new standards in this industry.

The Product


Simple magazine conversion allows you to store more rounds in your magazine without extending the length!

These novel products allow additional round(s) to be stored within a standard sized firearm magazine by replacing the factory internal components (guts) with MagGuts™. Our designs allow the reuse of the magazine tube and in most cases the OEM base plate. Also, in most cases, the OEM single spring is replaced with a multi spring assembly and the factory follower is replaced with a durable, hardened steel part which creates a system that accomplishes a much shorter compressed height while meeting or exceeding original performance. The result is a very reliable and durable magazine that allows the storage of additional round(s) while maintaining the exact external size, look, and feel.

All MagGuts™ parts are made in the U.S.A..

Development is underway for more calibers and manufacturers. Click Here to let us know you are interested in one that is not yet available and we will contact you when we begin shipping your model.

Pistol Project

MagGuts™ were birthed during the development of a groundbreaking pistol design. The design accomplishes miniaturization so far unaccomplished with a size to barrel length and round count better than anything currently available. We have shelved this project for now in order to concentrate our efforts on expanding the MagGuts™ product line.