Kahr 9mm +1 MagGuts for 6 Round Magazine

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For 6 Round Factory Magazine
Converts your 6 round Kahr 9mm magazine into a 7 round magazine without adding extension. Internal OEM components are replaced with MagGuts components.

-Stainless steel follower (patented)
-Attached Hybrid Spring System (patented)
-Retains exact feel of original pistol since size does not change.
-Maintains slide lock and feed reliability.


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114 reviews for Kahr 9mm +1 MagGuts for 6 Round Magazine

  1. Ronald Solotoff (verified owner)

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    Installed and shot 50 rounds thru both my 6 round Kahr MK9 mags and they work perfectly. The springs are stiff at first and it was a bit of a struggle to get the base plate on and the last round is difficult to get in, but it gets much easier after a few dozen rounds of cycling as the spring loosens up and takes a set.
    Great design and a fine product. It’s so nice to have that extra round in these single stack Kahr mags.

  3. Robert Teal (verified owner)

    Haven’t been able to compress and hold spring to assemble it. Will try again today.

  4. brian hayslip (verified owner)

    Love magguts products, have them in several different firearms and all work flawlessly!!!

  5. David Nathanson (verified owner)

    Customer service and initial order tracking was not the best. Could be the influx of orders? Installation was difficult but product works flawlessly.

  6. David (verified owner)

  7. Stephen (verified owner)

    Fast easy install works great

  8. George Tapia (verified owner)

    Spring was too big, would not work.

  9. Ken Evans (verified owner)

    Great product. Installed four of them and they all work flawlessly. Moves the Kahr PM9’s capacity a little closer to the Sig P365.

  10. Jim (verified owner)

  11. Edward M. (verified owner)

    I trust my life every day to MagGuts. It’s not just increased capacity, but increased reliability and function.

  12. Henry Texeira (verified owner)

  13. Mike (verified owner)

    Works great. Function perfectly. For my purpose, a micro nine in my pocket with 7 plus 1 is much better than the “larger” so called pocket pistols with 10-11 round mags. The extra 7-8 mag rides in my weak pocket. Thank you Magguts.

    Only problem is installation. End of flat spring is sharp and difficult to hold under the floor plate. Kept wanting to slip from under the plate while sliding on the end cap. But after several tries, got it installed. 6-7 spring was a little easier than the 7-8 spring. Be persistent. The new springs are worth the trouble.

    Not sure how to fix the problem. Polishing the end of the spring would make it much easier on the thumb, but would also make the spring slicker to slip from under the keeper plate. I almost filed a small groove in the keeper plate to help hold the spring in place during installation but was afraid that the groove might prevent the spring from seating and functioning properly.

  14. Steve Pierce (verified owner)

  15. David R. (verified owner)

    works as advertised. Difficult for me to install. I used a hobby vise for a third hand and that made it go smoothly. The extra round is worth the cost and the time to install.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Other than being hard to get the folding spring half into the magazine, it installed fine and most importantly, holds an extra round and functions perfectly and reliably without lengthening the magazine!!!

  17. James Alexander (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, item works like a charm, 100 rounds through the magazine after the Magguts were installed. My CM9 is now even better with an extra round. And still a small compact carry firearm.

  18. Carlos (verified owner)

    Works well

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The new +1 kit for Kahr 9mm pistols is something that I was waiting for a long time. I bought two units for my PM9’s 6 rounder mags. Installation was a bear b/c the spring is very long and super tough.

    To test them on the range, I fired not only FMJs but also various premium JHPs. To make the reliability test more realistic, I fired each magazine (either 7+1 rounds or 7 rounds) holding the gun with one hand (to make it more prone to malfunctions due to “limp wrist”), and repeated it until I fired all 150 rounds. There was no malfunction of any kind, except that one of the units did not lock the slide open after the last round. So, I had to use my needle nose pliers to tweak the activation tab on the follower to make sure that the slide stop/release would engage positively.

  20. Kevin Roche (verified owner)

    4th magGut product for kahr arms. All work perfectly

  21. Frank Zimmerman (verified owner)

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A little bit of effort to install but worked flawlessly.

  23. Larry S. (verified owner)

    6 shot conversion worked as advertised.(I bought 4) Will run few hundred mire to verify.

  24. Larry (verified owner)

    Great customer service!

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Product received within three business days, well packaged and clear instruction. Difficult assembly required 15 minutes and wearing of gloves but packaging warmed of potential sharp edges. Works as expected, my Kahr P9 Covert now is a 7+1 reliable pistol. Over 200 rounds fired with 0 malfunctions! I’m buying more for my other 5 Kahr handguns.

  26. Rob (verified owner)

  27. Michael (verified owner)

    Difficulty assembly until customer service sent a work around in response to complaint. Had to have been a known problem. Why not proactively revise videos, send out emails etc? After installation works fine but initial problem means I won’t buy a new product until some time has passed after introduction.

  28. Douglas Burroughs (verified owner)

  29. JOHN E. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and work great.

  30. Juan Echeverria (verified owner)

  31. Thomas Jasperson (verified owner)

    You guys have an Awesome product and website. Can’t wait until you hopefully start carrying magguts for Diamondback db9 6 round clips. They are desperately needed. Thanks again

  32. Gregory Brannon (verified owner)

  33. Gregory (verified owner)

    The springs are straightforward to install, and they definitely work as advertised with respect to additional capacity. For whatever reason the follower fails to engage the slide lock and fails to maintain the slide open after the last round is fired. The issue is not associated with all the followers, but I noticed a change in follower design from the first batch to the most recent purchase. The newer followers are the ones I am having trouble with. I hope there is a simple fix.

  34. Eugene T. (verified owner)

    Good design, look instruction !

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent way to improve capacity!

  36. Alexander S. (verified owner)

    Was a little more difficult to assemble than other models. Cycled 300rds through the Kahr with zero failures. Great product.

  37. jack (verified owner)

    Had to tweak the follower a bit by bending the slide stop pad arm up in order to achieve slide lock on empty mag in my older PM9. Other than that, 100% reliable 200 rounds in.

  38. Michael C. (verified owner)

    Functions as designed, not yet tested live fire.

  39. BRIAN BARNES (verified owner)

    Service was excellent, fast shipping. Great product, performs flawlessly.

  40. Ralph C. (verified owner)

    Plain and simple, the best way to add a round without adding bulk!

  41. Michael P. (verified owner)

    After the conversion I ran 50+ rounds through the magazine to assure function.
    Flawless feeding.
    I’m satisfied. Be patient while installing and follow the directions.

  42. Tim (verified owner)


  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

  44. Matthew (verified owner)

    Only tested with 2 mag dumps so far, but it works flawlessly.

  45. Corey S. (verified owner)

    150 rounds later and I’ve had zero issues. Excellent product.

  46. Brad R. (verified owner)

    CON: A BEAR to install. Took an hour to install. And the installation video on your is not very useful. Please make a new one. Had to look at other videos on YouTube for installation. PRO: However, took the gun to the range and the new spring performed flawlessly. Will buy more springs in the future.

  47. Gary Youngers (verified owner)

    Gives you an extra round, but the conversion would not hold the slide open on the last round in a PM9.

  48. Tom K. (verified owner)

    Just follow directions, works perfectly. A great asset to be able to add an extra round in the same space. Very nice.

  49. Jimi B. (verified owner)

    I am pretty disappointed with my MagGuts purchase. I know I’m in the minority here, because I know your products typically get very good reviews, but I could not make these work for my Kahr CM9. I have already emailed you about returning the (2) springs that I purchased and I’m waiting for your response. Thank you in advance for your quick attention to this matter.

  50. john ladwig (verified owner)

  51. Ronald Heacock (verified owner)

    The item was received as paid for. The follower wouldn’t function, as it seems to big. I went an email requesting assistance and never received a response. Just going to send it back for a refund as it doesn’t fit.

  52. Kevin P. (verified owner)

    Works as expected.

  53. Ron Claypool (verified owner)

    It was somewhat challenging to hold the spring assembly in place and get the base plate secured, but once I got it together everything cycles fine. Loading the rounds takes a good bit of effort by hand, but a Magula speed loader makes quick work of it.

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The spring is so strong that it takes a little bit of effort to put it in the mag tube. But once it’s in place, it works reliably as all other MagGuts. Great product and highly recommended.

  55. William (verified owner)

  56. Tom Williams (verified owner)

    Little difficult to install, but the video was a lifesaver.

  57. Ronald J. (verified owner)

    Didn’t work for my PM9. Installation was a bear and once installed, the pistol failed to feed properly and would not lock the slide on last round. It seems that the metal used in the follower was not robust and seemed to bend very easily which I think caused the problem. Nevertheless, I couldn’t trust the mag to work properly so I returned for a refund (they charge you shipping both ways even though the product failed)…which is poor customer service. I have other Magguts products in my Glock 42 and 43 and they work flawlessly…it’s only this “hybrid” setup that needs some re-engineering IMO. Hope this helps.

  58. Don F. (verified owner)

    Works perfect if you follow the video. With all my years experience with firearms disassembly, I thought I did not need any instruction to replace the spring in a magazine. After three unsuccessful attempt to assemble the magazine to hold seven rounds I finally watched the video! Please watch the video first before contacting customer support.

  59. Ross Korns (verified owner)

  60. Jorge Solorio Macías (verified owner)

  61. Brandon (verified owner)

    Little tricky to install. Must make sure springs are all properly aligned. Once they are in, good to go. Feel stronger than the factory spring. Having the +1 makes this carry piece even better.

  62. Frederick M. (verified owner)

    I’ve installed MagGuts’ products in several magazine and they all work well, no issues.

  63. Alexander (verified owner)

    More difficult to install than the Kahr .380 mag guts springs but not the hardest thing I have ever done. Extra round and it works great! Would definitely buy again.

  64. James (verified owner)

    Added to 6-round KAHR Magazine, no problem with that process. Now, the slide DOES NOT LOCK BACH after the last (7th) bullet is fired. I have tried 5-6 different 9 mm brands and no “lock back” after all of them.

  65. Lyman H. (verified owner)

    Best magazine upgrade I ever done. Easy to install. I have had them in my keltec 380 for over 2 years and over 250 rounds with no problems. I now have 75 rounds in my new Kahr CM9 with no problems. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EXCELLENT!

  66. David (verified owner)

    So far so good about 9 or 10 7 + 1 mags fired thru a Kahr PM9 and it has function perfectly. Including slide locking back on last round. Only down side is it took about 10 tries getting the base and locking plate on. Very hard for me to push that flat sharp spring far enough in . Still if it keeps functioning like it has then I guess it’s worth getting cut up a little.

  67. David (verified owner)

    Worked fine with the mag with the standard floorplate. Did not work with the mag that had a Pierce finger grip. Not sure if it was due its thin plastic floorplate locking piece. Also found out that you have to be really careful when trying to install it with Pierce finger grip because the spring has a tendency to pop out and in my case the spring sliced my finger open.

  68. Raymond Jacobs (verified owner)

    Great alternative, I used the kit for my Kahr PM40

  69. DAVID MAILLOUX (verified owner)

    Still waiting for shipment

  70. George H. (verified owner)

    The lower portion of the spring snapped when I tried to install in my mag. I sent an email requesting a replacement. Haven’t gotten an answer

  71. David Moss (verified owner)

    Somewhat difficult to to
    Put in so I’m holding off a bit harder that the shield was much easier

  72. Byron Y. (verified owner)

    Very difficult to install. I tried for about 45 minutes. The spring kept sliding out to one side or the other. Almost got the base plate on then the spring slid out from under it and broke into three pieces.

  73. Robert (verified owner)

    Worked just fine in a Kahr PM 40 mag

  74. Keith (verified owner)

    Easy purchase with reasonable delivery time. Didn’t have problems with installation others complained about. Loading ammo was initially somewhat difficult due to spring tension but improved after repeated loading cycles. No failures to feed but initially didn’t lock slide back reliably. I bent the tab on the follower slightly, and after a few “tweaks” slide has held open on the last several cycles. Time and use will tell…. I do like the metal follower as opposed to the factory
    plastic item , as my first follower broke and was replaced free of charge. All in all I would recommend your product to anyone considering it’s value and purpose

  75. Fred Macary (verified owner)

    I have several Magguts +1 mag inserts. How about a +1 for a Kahr CW45? Springfield XD Mod-2 45 Subcompact?

  76. James M. (verified owner)

    Took a few tries to get my technique down on 1st magazine, installed easily in 2nd. Works as advertised without any issues

  77. Ronald Hunter (verified owner)

    The bottom spring broke in two when I was trying to put it in the magazine. How do I return it to you?

  78. Gerald S. (verified owner)

    Nice product does the job as described. A bit more difficult than expected. Watched the video where I discovered the flat spring was a bit more compressed in the video than my new ones. Did some judicious compressing of the rear or flat spring and managed to install 4 mags fairly easily. Patience is absolutely required.

  79. Tim Shuttz (verified owner)

    Used in my pm40

  80. Paul (verified owner)

    I bought three units. The flat spring broke at the bend point during the initial compression for installation on the first unit that I attempted to install. I was disappointed and now have durability concerns and I have not tried installation on the other two units yet.

    • admincorso (store manager)

      The spring should definitely not break. It sounds like something went wrong during assembly. Please respond to an email we sent from support to help get this situation resolved.

  81. Nat (verified owner)


  82. BRIAN BARNES (verified owner)

    Excellent shipping and tracking. Product stands good like all other magGuts previously ordered.

  83. James S. (verified owner)

    Very good support. Thanks.

  84. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So far it’s working just fine with RNFMJ rounds. I haven’t tested the unit with JHP rounds yet. The spring tension may be a bit too strong compared to MagGuts for other guns… Perhaps, a half coil or link too much? Otherwise, this is a must for your Kahr CM/PM9.

  85. John Rothenfluh (verified owner)

    On my 7th try, the bottom link broke on the Z spring. I was using my hands only. The Z spring was really snaky and hard to get in. Thanks

  86. Prince Weaver (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the product and customer service. Would highly recommend.

  87. Anonymous (verified owner)

  88. Evan D. (verified owner)

    Still haven’t received anything

  89. Jay J. (verified owner)

  90. Jim McMillan (verified owner)

    Easy way to get an extra round

  91. Norm E. (verified owner)

    Easy to order, fast shipping, easy installation, no range time yet so far so good

  92. Carson (verified owner)

    I had read how hard to install the spring is, but that was not my experience. It works perfectly. I’m now buying some more 🙂

  93. Carson (verified owner)

    This is the second time I’ve ordered this, and it also worked perfectly.

  94. Johnny Torres (verified owner)

  95. Stephen Schachter (verified owner)

  96. Daniel (verified owner)

    So far, I’ve not been able to assemble it. I follow the directions, but the follower appears to be cramped & won’t slide. I have tried 3X & will try again. I asked for a clearphoto of a spring correctly latched on to the follower, but got no response from you.

  97. Glenn Perry (verified owner)


  98. Carson (verified owner)

    Works perfectly. Even works in my PM40 magazines.

  99. jorge (verified owner)

    Good product

  100. Al R. (verified owner)

    No issues with assembly, Kahr CM9 now holds 7+1 in both flush mags, cycles flawlessly, great upgrade.

  101. Jimmy Z. (verified owner)

    Great product. Works great. A little tricky to install but got it done in just a few minutes.

  102. Jame W. (verified owner)

  103. John Twining (verified owner)

    The instructions on the rear of the packaging were difficult to see. Once I interpreted them, I was able to install the spring and follower and it fed 50 rounds flawlessly.

  104. Tom Z. (verified owner)

  105. Jeremy W. (verified owner)

    Works great!

  106. Damon V. (verified owner)

  107. Kevin (verified owner)

    Fits well

  108. Richard D. (verified owner)

    Works flawlessly.

  109. Louis B. (verified owner)

    So far it works good and I am glad I have bought it.

  110. Patrick Bauld (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, great product.

  111. Danny Eller (verified owner)

    Works great, but Magguts needs to update their website. The 6 & 7 round 9mm Kahr Magguts work just fine for the corresponding .40 S&W Kahr models that take them from 5 to 6 rounds and 6 to 7 rounds of .40 S&W.

    No discounts are available and at the current price, not worth it for the average user. Costing this much per magazine is not worth it for just one extra round per mag unless you are someone who carries a gun professionally and is likely to need such an extra round advantage.

  112. Charles M. (verified owner)

    The Magguts work perfectly and I will be buying another one for my spare magazine.

  113. Dale Hatfield (verified owner)

    After I shot the MagGuts around the room twice and innumerable failures to get the base plate on, I finally got the job done. I’m not sure why the spring has to be so strong. Anyway now that it is installed it works as advertised.

  114. John Bennetch (verified owner)

    Very impressed. Hoping to see it brake in and load slightly easier. Spring is very tight, but all new springs are. No surprise it holds 7 rounds and still has half of another left.

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