Sig Sauer P365 +2 for 15 round magazine (also for XL models)


This conversion reliably turns your Sig P365 15 round magazine into a 17 round magazine with zero length increase.  The spring and follower are replaced with MagGuts™ components while the magazine housing and base are reused.  We pushed innovation through our “out of the box” approach to R&D and came up with a novel system that turns an already impressive capacity dense firearm into a weapon with a density of firepower that almost seems impossible.  With this conversion you will get:

  • Reliable feed and slide lock
  • Compatible with standard P365 and XL models
  • +2 capacity increase with no sacrifice in length
  • OEM fit and feel – original base is reused
  • Cutting edge magazine technology [patent(s) pending]


This product is coming soon.

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