Smith & Wesson Shield +1 Lock Plate

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Smith & Wesson Shield +1 Lock Plate
This is the lock plate used with the +1 conversion. All of the parts in the +1 conversion and the +2 conversion are common except for the lock plate. If you have a +2 conversion you can use this part with the rest of your components (less the extension) to go to a more compact +1 if desired.

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7 reviews for Smith & Wesson Shield +1 Lock Plate

  1. Charles j. (verified owner)

    Awesome…just have be careful of the sharp spring edges

  2. Bryan B. (verified owner)

    I originally purchased the Mag Guts +2 extension for the S & W Shield magazine. It did not add much to the original length, but I preferred to carry a completely flush magazine in the gun. The lock plate allows a +1 while keeping the original base plate for a completely flush and ultra concealable carry. Highly recommended. I have the +2 on the spare mag for 10 rounds of backup.

  3. Patrick L. (verified owner)

    Lost the one came with original order,no fault of Maguts so now I have what i need to convert my 7 rd mag TY Maguts-top quality

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Neil (verified owner)

    haven’t used yet. no rating

  6. Paul B. (verified owner)

    Lock plate broke after 3 months. You’d think the company would warranty it and send a new one. Nope. Had to spend $7 plus $3 shipping for what is basically a piece of tin. Have to see how this one holds up.

  7. Peter J. Bertini (verified owner)

    Not that I needed them, but I did have to study each kit for a bit to understand the install. There’s no excuse for not including a simple instruction sheet. Other than that, great experience, product and pricing.

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